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Thanksgiving Treats For Pets — 4 Comments

  1. I would stick to meat for cats. Thanksgiving and Christmas don’t mean anything to our pets. They will be happy to get attention and their normal food. If you want to give treats, go to a petstore. No need to feed pets from your dinner table. Just my thoughts on the subject.

    • I don’t think people will do it as much with cats as with dogs. Dogs will sit in front of you and beg until you give in. Many cats are too afraid to stick around a house full of people. This is a very old article and I just wanted to give a few give/don’t give examples.

    • You are so right Oker.
      We make sure our cats are fed and content with the food they enjoy and is good for them before sitting down to our own meals, then they don’t need to ask for any treats they don’t really need and may be in fact bad for them.

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