That ‘cat look’ coveted by a celeb

What is a cat look on a person? And why is it attractive?

Katie Price and Sam Faiers
Katie Price and Sam Faiers
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It is said (not necessarily true 🙂 ) that Katie Price covets the ‘cat look’ of Sam Fraiers. Excited? She denies it but there is talk of more plastic surgery for Katie who is infamous for her addiction to going under the knife. I believe she goes to Turkey for the operations as it is considerably cheaper there.

Katie’s representative says she is not planning any upcoming surgery. But according to The Sun, Sam has the best face she has seen and she wants it!

Jocelyn Wildenstein
Jocelyn Wildenstein aka catwoman who wanted a face like a cat. She thought that half closed slopping eyes helped in that goal.

So what is it? Well the eyes look a bit like the face of that mad catwoman, Jocelyn Wildenstein, who destroyed her face with plastic surgery after he husband left her. I think this ‘cat look’ is mainly about the eyes, the way they are half closed and slope upwards on the outside.

I don’t see how it can be attractive unless you love cats and want to look like one. And that is possible.

However, the ‘cat look’ may be more than just about the eyes. Sam Fraiers’ face is a bit cat-like. I am not sure why though. Slightly inscrutable. Chinese-like? But that’s not cat-like. I am bit confused as to why it is described as a ‘cat look’.

Having briefly thought about it as I write this, I believe the modern extreme Persian face is the culprit. Take a look:

'Cat look'
‘Cat look’

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