‘thatlittlepuff’ is TikTok’s biggest earner at $26k per post (June 2022)

thatlittlepuff is number one on TikTok
thatlittlepuff is number one on TikTok at June 1, 2022 according to All About Cats.
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According to the allaboutcats.com website, ‘thatlitttlepuff’, an attractive gray-and-white influencer cat with blue eyes, is the most successful TikToker with 27.8 million followers at the date of this post but this number will be out of date pretty quickly because the number is going up rapidly even today. Thatlitttlepuff has 594.2 million likes. The tagline is “Get Dashing Clothes for Your Pets”. I’m not sure what that means except that this cat promotes clothes for cats. How does he make his money? Must be advertising/promotion.

The TikTok channel is all about fancy cooking. The video below shows, I believe, the creator of the channel, Lynch Zhang, which is why I chose it. It also shows his culinary skills. He has combined his culinary skills with his cat and clothes for cats. I think it’s a clever amalgam of several different aspects of video making to create this highly successful TikTok influencer. But it all turns on Zhang’s cooking skills at the end of the day combined with his video making skills.

I have not verified allaboutcats.com numbers. I don’t know where they come from but they are a trustworthy website. It is nice to see a cat beating all the other animals for me!

More than one thatlitttlepuff

An interesting aspect of this TikTok channel is that Zhang has more than one cat and more than one cat is featured in his videos. They look like Ragdoll cats (confirmed – see below). They are very attractive which is another reason why the videos are attractive. But over the time that he has created these videos they’ve changed slightly. I can see two different cats in the videos and the current cat featured in the latest videos is different to the icon photograph heading the page. So, “thatlitttlepuff” is not one cat but at least two.

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Some background info – updating

Thatlitttlepuff’s TikTok channel has been featured in websites about social media creators. Tubefilter.com has a good page on thatlitttlepuff.

Firstly, they confirm what I’ve said namely that this is a Ragdoll cat. The creator is Lynch Zhang. Puff (which I believe is her real name) has a brother, Ming, and their mum is Chocolate. There are five littermates. They live in New York City.

It seems that Zhang runs a restaurant. Covid shut the restaurant forcing him to explore other ways to earn an income hence the creation of thatlitttlepuff and great success.

Puff likes to pop into the kitchen look at the cooking process. This was the seed and eventual germination of the idea of creating thatlitttlepuff. He began recording short clips of his cat cooking simple dishes and posted on TikTok in July 2020. The videos show Puff doing the cooking which is achieved by gently guiding his paws to give the impression that she is a chef. I think she is female.

It seems that Zhang was influenced by one of their favourite actors, Daniel Wu, who had generated hundreds of millions of views and gathered several million followers on TikTok.

They also created YouTube ‘Shorts’ to cross post to TikTok.

Example video


Fries 🍟 anyone? @McDonald’s Just feel like tagging you 😂😂😂 #thatlilttlepuff #puffknowsbetter #catsoftiktok #Totinos425

♬ original sound – ThatLittlePuff


It looks as though Lynch Zhang has also created a YouTube channel which promotes the TikTok channel. It’s about spreading your influence over the various social media websites. Below is a compilation of the videos in one YouTube video.

Please note that this is an embedded video and it relies upon the fact that the original one on YouTube remains in place. If that one disappears this one will too.

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My thanks to All About Cats for the information which I relied on to write this page.

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