“That’s a good thing to do”-man who shot neighbour’s cat three times in the head

He obviously has a completely different attitude to life to me. He has a completely different attitude towards animals to me. He is a different sort of person. To me he’s an alien. We come from completely different sections of society.

The background to this is so typical as to be boring. But it happens day in and day out across America and indeed across the UK. A neighbour’s cat wanders onto a person’s property. In this instance a man who likes to be called “Chip” became frustrated with the cats coming from his neighbour’s property onto his. He says that the cats were tearing up insulation, defecating in his garden, howling at night, running all over cars and he thought they were people, burglars and murderers. That sounds a bit far-fetched to me to be honest. In fact his description of what the cats were doing seem exaggerated. But…they were a nuisance as far as he was concerned.

He even called the police about it and there is a record of the call. Of course, cats wandering onto someone’s property is not a police matter. It is a civil matter to be dealt with in the civil courts and the only civil action to bring would be under the tort of nuisance but the chance of it working is almost negligible. That’s probably what the police told him causing his frustration.

Anyway, Chip goes on to complain that the cats were eating “his birds”. They would eat his squirrels. They would leave carcasses all over the place and so on and so forth. He became fed up and took the law into his own hands. He set traps and he caught one of the cats. He put the trapped cat into the back of his white, Ford pickup truck and drove it to a quiet area where he thought no one was watching. He was unaware that what he did next was witnessed and his pickup truck and registration plate photographed.

The witness told investigators that she was sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot when she saw Chip pull-up. He took the cage out of his truck, released the cat and then shot the cat three times in the head (Chip says only one shot connected).

He said to investigators that the animal was terminally ill. That was his first excuse which did not sound very truthful. He initially denied shooting the cat but when told that his actions were witnessed he admitted his “crime”. But he does not consider it to be a crime.

Chip says that he went to a quiet place because he did not want to be witnessed because “I felt stupid for doing it, so I looked around to see”. That sounds a bit feeble as well.

At the end of the day he has been charged with a felony charge of animal cruelty and a misdemeanour count of firing a gun too close to a public road.

The officers found the dead cat behind businesses in the 1200 block off Cobb Parkway near SunTrust Park, Atlanta, USA.

“In my heart, I know I’m not guilty of animal cruelty. If anything, I should be given a ‘that’s a good thing to do Chip.’ ”

Chip genuinely believes that he did the world a favour when he shot his neighbour’s cat three times in the head. I find that interesting and disturbing. I see the reason behind his frustration which lead to anger. And his neighbour has not been wise and sensible. His neighbour has probably been irresponsible but that said it does not excuse Chip’s attitude. He was devoid of any sensibility towards cats and that may extend to all animals other than perhaps domestic dogs.

Chip’s full name is Chester Krawczuk.

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  1. His only mistake was not shooting the cat on his own property. Then it would have been perfectly legal. And if there are firearms ordinances against discharging a firearm, then companies like Gamo even make high-powered air-rifles with noise-suppressors built right-in up to 1200fps ballistic speeds (greater than 1200fps is legally a firearm) to humanely dispatch any animal in areas were firearms are not allowed. The demand for legally shooting stray cats in urban areas is so great that they even make and sell air-rifles specifically for this purpose now.

    It’ll take awhile before the general public learns this. But they’ll be given ample opportunity to eventually learn how to kill all free-roaming cats legally, what with how often everyone supports the existence of free-roaming cats. I learned what I need to know, how to kill cats legally, from my sheriff.

    Nuisance-animal, pest-control, depredation-control, zoonotic-disease containment, and invasive-species laws supersede all other animal-protection laws (except for endangered-species and regulated game-animal laws).

    Do you not know this?

    • Hi there, Woody. I think that you will have to quote me chapter and verse on how it is legal to shoot your neighbour’s cat when he/she is on your property. There no question in my mind that you are completely incorrect. It has to be a breach of animal welfare laws in America. I have researched this. And if you are correct then your animal welfare laws are rubbish. I recall that you have mentioned this before. And you are incorrect. You have an enormous bias and you want it to be correct but you are incorrect and I hope that you can get them into your head.

      • Here’s a good example. When trying to educate some people online in Minnesota USA who wanted to start-up a TNR program (highly illegal in MN), I thought I’d do a little sleuthing about their laws and why this is so (that state has handy searchable databases):


        Subd. 2.Liability for damages.

        A person who without permission releases an animal lawfully confined for science, research, commerce, or education is liable:

        (1) to the owner of the animal for damages, including the costs of restoring the animal to confinement and to its health condition prior to release;

        (2) for damage to personal and real property caused by the released animal;

        (3) if the release causes the failure or interruption of an experiment, for all costs of repeating the experiment, including replacement of the animals, labor, and materials; and

        (4) for any other damage the person causes to property in the facility from which the animal was released.

        Subd. 3.Amount of damages.

        A person who is damaged under subdivision 2, clause (3) or (4), is entitled to recover a minimum of $5,000 or three times the actual damages incurred by that person under subdivision 2, clause (3) or (4), whichever is greater, and punitive damages, costs, and reasonable attorney fees.


        Subd. 4.Third-party liability; presumption.

        A person or organization who plans or assists in the development of a plan to release, without permission, an animal lawfully confined for science, research, commerce, or education, or who otherwise aids, advises, hires, counsels, or encourages another to commit the act is jointly and severally liable for all damages under subdivision 3. There is a rebuttable presumption that a person or organization who claims responsibility for the act is liable under this subdivision.

        Then there’s this fun tidbit. Not only can you kill their free-roaming cat for them, but you can even charge them for WHATEVER monetary amount you feel fit to compensate you for your time and effort to clean-up the cat-owners criminal-negligence. No bounties required, you can kill someone’s cat then demand $10,000 (or any price you want) from them for having done so. 🙂


        (a) A person that allows or causes the introduction of an animal that is a prohibited invasive, regulated invasive, or unlisted nonnative species shall, within 24 hours after learning of the introduction, notify the commissioner, a conservation officer, or another person designated by the commissioner. The person shall make every reasonable attempt to recapture or destroy the introduced animal. If the animal is a prohibited invasive species, the person is liable for the actual costs incurred by the department in capturing or controlling, or attempting to capture or control, the animal and its progeny. If the animal is a regulated invasive species, the person is liable for these costs if the introduction was in violation of the person’s permit issued under section 84D.11.

        (b) A person that complies with this section is not subject to criminal penalties under section 84D.13 for the introduction.

        And that’s only the tip of the iceberg, there’s about 150 other laws in that state that make TNR illegal, and ALSO make it legal to kill every last cat of theirs, as well as making them pay for it too! 🙂 Isn’t reality fun?

        Here’s some of their laws where I found some of the most obvious ones:

        TNR’ed cats and all stray cats are in violation of (or solved by these) MN state statutes including, but not limited to:

        § 84D.06 UNLISTED NONNATIVE SPECIES — Unlawful to introduce to the environment.

        § 84D.08 ESCAPE OF NONNATIVE AND INVASIVE SPECIES — Legal for anyone to destroy them. The person releasing them is held liable for all costs to recapture or destroy that animal. (Find a TNR practitioner and you can make them pay a bounty for each of their cats that you LEGALLY kill. LOL)


        § Subd. 5. Abandonment. No person shall abandon any animal.

        § 346.39 DOGS AND CATS — In violation of all these laws, these conditions must be met for each cat in your possession.

        § 346.47 SEIZED ANIMALS — Unlawful to release.

        § 346.55 CIVIL LIABILITY — Unlawful to transfer a cat without permission of the owner, civil penalty $1,000 per cat.

        § 346.56 UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE OF ANIMALS — Anyone is entitled a MINIMUM of $5,000 or 3X’s the actual damages (whichever is greater) if the TNR care-taker’s cat causes any damages — PER CAT! Get your liability insurance up to par to also cover costs of all of the 3dozen+ deadly zoonotic diseases cats spread to humans or other animals today, which can exceed $millions in damages.

        • You are such an idiot you know. The laws that you have quoted are irrelevant to this discussion. One relates to animals confined for scientific research which are then released and the other concerns the introduction of non-native species.. I couldn’t be bothered to read on beyond that because clearly you are 1 million miles from being relevant to this discussion. You are a complete moron and an irritant everybody you come into contact with.

      • Unlike you, I know the law. Thanks to my sheriff who advised I just shoot hundreds and hundreds of your vermin cats infesting my lands — and did so LEGALLY.

        • You’re complete moron as usual. You know some law but it is irrelevant to the discussions. You are so heavily biased and so full of hate you do not look at the law properly and clearly. You try and manipulate the law to suit your argument but you fail every time. Every time that I’ve challenged you, you have failed to produce supporting evidence. You’re hopeless. You are a complete waste of space. You are banned. You will not write anything more on this website. Just piss off and go away.

        • Perhaps if you have hundreds and hundreds of feral cats attracted to your property you should remove whatever is attracting them. You have a rat problem ? Those feral cats live for their next meal I doubt they’re showing up for no reason. You aren’t baiting neighborhood cats are you. I hope the sheriff explained the consequence’s for that.
          Sorry Michael I know you banned him but for someone to have hundreds of cats to shoot they are either human pigs or baiting animals onto their property.

          • I’m sorry for this ME. He is a well-known troll and cat hater and ornithologist with hundreds of aliases. He is as mad as a toothbrush and dangerous. He should be investigated and charged with animal cruelty. I’d love to see him in prison. Love it.

    • Woody, you are banned permanently. I will not give you any more air or space to write on this website ever again. The reason is because you distort the truth. You are rude. You are noxious. Disgusting. You are stupid. You like to kill animals. You shoot cats. You do all the bad things which which disgust me.


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