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The 5 Best Cats in Movies & TV — 9 Comments

  1. Hey, am I the only oldie that remembers “D.C.” from ‘That Darn Cat’ and the Abbyssinian from ‘Cat From Outer Space’???

  2. Having worked in a cat shelter, there is a noticeable rise in certain types of unwanted cats within about 12 months of a cat being in a popular movie. Movie-goers see the cat and want one just like it, but many don’t see it as a lifetime commitment; they see it as fashion to be discarded when the next fashionable pet comes along. It’s a phenomenon that isn’t restricted to cats: all those “handbag dogs” that have ended up in shelters; children wanting pet meerkats after seeing the insurance adverts; people wanting Dalmatians after the Disney films etc etc

    Ethical breeders screen potential owners, but there will always be unethical breeders willing to supply that fashion trend with little regard to health or temperament.

    My favourit movie cat? Puss from the Shrek movies!

    • a noticeable rise in certain types of unwanted cats within about 12 months of a cat being in a popular movie

      That is an interesting phenomenon that I had not considered. For me it tells me that too many people don’t have quite the right attitude to caring for a cat.

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  3. Not surprisingly, all of these cats are known ”breeds”. Making movies about them (besides featuring them in EVERY cat magazine, internet page related to cats etc.)is another way to create a demand for these man made cats. Not only it helps breeders to sell another Mr. Bigglesworth or Snowbell, but also flourish businesses of called backyard breeders and pet stores (cheap and accessible – do you think everybody cares about”ethics”? Think again.)

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