The 5 Best Cats in Movies & TV

Animals have been welcomed into the Screen Actors Guild since the 1970s, giving them many of the same protections as their human counterparts. While many of the SAG animal members are dogs, there have been numerous TV and movie cat actors. If you are a feline lover, you will love these shows and movies that feature these unpredictable, often crazy creatures, in roles that seem to reflect human attributes:

Sassy from ‘Homeward Bound’

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Photo by Asilverstein via Wikimedia Commons

The 1993 Disney film “Homeward Bound” follows the story of a cat and two dogs that are left behind when the family goes on vacation. The animals set out to find their owners, leading to their exciting adventures along the way. Sassy, a luxurious Himalayan cat, lives up to her name with her sassy remarks and superior attitude toward her canine counterparts. This beautiful kitty is voiced by the talented Sally Field.

Mr. Bigglesworth from ‘Austin Powers’

Photo by Tgianf75 via Flickr

The title character is an international man of mystery out to save the world from his nemesis, Dr. Evil. One of the main characters that appears throughout this movie is Dr. Evil’s cat, Mr. Bigglesworth. This hairless cat is the perfect sidekick to the bald Dr. Evil, and the movie is a romping and silly good time.

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Monty the Mouth from ‘Stuart Little’

If you happen to catch the movie “Stuart Little” on DirectTV, you can watch the fun that ensues when a family adopts a young mouse much to the displeasure of their cat, Monty the Mouth. This 1999 movie is based on the book by the same name. Throughout the story, Monty, a gray tabby, tries everything he can think of to get rid of Stuart the mouse, causing all sorts of mischief along the way.

Salem from ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’

“Sabrina the Teenage Witch” is a television series that ran on ABC from 1996 through 2003. This series followed a teenage witch who was living with her two witch aunts as she tries to fit into the life of a normal high schooler. Salem, an aptly named black cat, offers comedic relief and valuable advice to Sabrina during each episode. This is a fun show for all, but especially cat lovers. Salem is voiced by Nick Bakay.

Church from ‘Pet Sematary’

Photo by moviecats via Flickr

If horror movies are more your style, 1989’s “Pet Sematary” will fit the bill. Instead of using a traditional black cat for the part of Church, film makers decided to use a British Shorthair, though many people mistake the breed for the Russian blue. In this movie, the cat dies, but the owner learns of a cemetery that can bring pets back to life. Unfortunately, the end result is not quite what pet owners expect, leading to the plot of this popular horror movie.

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9 Responses

  1. Cassie Spangrude says:

    Hey, am I the only oldie that remembers “D.C.” from ‘That Darn Cat’ and the Abbyssinian from ‘Cat From Outer Space’???

  2. Sarah Hartwell says:

    Having worked in a cat shelter, there is a noticeable rise in certain types of unwanted cats within about 12 months of a cat being in a popular movie. Movie-goers see the cat and want one just like it, but many don’t see it as a lifetime commitment; they see it as fashion to be discarded when the next fashionable pet comes along. It’s a phenomenon that isn’t restricted to cats: all those “handbag dogs” that have ended up in shelters; children wanting pet meerkats after seeing the insurance adverts; people wanting Dalmatians after the Disney films etc etc

    Ethical breeders screen potential owners, but there will always be unethical breeders willing to supply that fashion trend with little regard to health or temperament.

    My favourit movie cat? Puss from the Shrek movies!

    • Michael says:

      a noticeable rise in certain types of unwanted cats within about 12 months of a cat being in a popular movie

      That is an interesting phenomenon that I had not considered. For me it tells me that too many people don’t have quite the right attitude to caring for a cat.

      This page, as you may have guessed, was written by a guest writer on a commercial basis. They provide the post and they insert some links for which they charge their client. A three way collaboration.

  3. Ankara Kedisi Derneği says:

    Not surprisingly, all of these cats are known ”breeds”. Making movies about them (besides featuring them in EVERY cat magazine, internet page related to cats etc.)is another way to create a demand for these man made cats. Not only it helps breeders to sell another Mr. Bigglesworth or Snowbell, but also flourish businesses of called backyard breeders and pet stores (cheap and accessible – do you think everybody cares about”ethics”? Think again.)

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