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The Abduction of Mr No Ears A Well-Known Feral Cat in Portugal — 4 Comments

  1. They need to give “Mr. No Ears” a new name. A more fitting and truthful one would be “Cash Cow”. Who yet hasn’t in some way financially benefited from reporting on it (not to mention any vets involved). Every last person who perpetuates this information has done just that in one way or another. Use another suffering cat to promote your cash-flow! Then you wonder why the rest of the world looks down their noses at your existence for doing what you do.

  2. I’m confused. How is this any different than any other individual, group, or organization that traps unwanted cats and injured cats and then parades them in the media for donations for themselves? (You know, just as you too are now using a suffering cat for click-bait to line your own pockets.)

    The only difference I see now is that two groups (instead of one) are making a fortune off of an unwanted suffering cat. If you follow this reprehensible and amoral business-model correctly then you can even become a multimillionaire just like Becky Robinson of Alley Cat All-lies did.

  3. I can only curse this couple who should be behind bars.
    If what the reports say are true, that he’s now suffering from multiple life threatening ailments caused by these two who took him to various vets. I would be surprised to see any documentation of any vet treatment. I think that it is fabricated.
    But, all in all, if no loving person would step forward to give No Ears a stable and loving home that he deserves, then he needs to return to his colony where he is content to live out whatever life he has.

    • Well said Dee. He should be back at his colony if his health is good enough. He may have to be cared for in a decent home. He appears to be adequately domesticated. The story is fascinating. It is an unusual version of celerity cat exploitation.

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