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The Agonising Pain Suffered by Declawed Cats — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t live in the US and I never even knew that declawing was a thing until recently. I have a cat who is 10 years old. I was absolutely certain that she would develop arthritis, because I keep seeing that it is very common. Eventually, I asked her vet about it. He told me not to worry at all. He said that he thought it was a very common problem among cats, too, but he’d never seen one actually suffer from it. He also talked about it with other vets who said the same. Having read up on declawing, it makes me wonder if that is the reason why so many cats have arthritis there?

    • Hi Maria. Thanks for the comment.

      When I started this website I had no idea that declawing of cats existed. It is hard for me to imagine that time, now. Today I am a hardcore anti-declaw campaigner for the simple reason that it is unnecessary, cruel and it does not respect the cat. PoC is about respecting the cat, domestic, feral or wild.

      There are over 150 pages on declawing cats on PoC and thousands of comments but generally Brits don’t know about the declawing of cats. I would doubt that there are 1,000 people in the UK who know about declawing of cats. Well, that might be an exaggeration but the percentage of the population is minuscule.

      It just does not enter the head of a Brit because they have never seen it. Nor have they ever imagined it. The veterinary operation of declawing a cat does not exist in the United Kingdom. It never has and therefore the operation is as alien as flying to the moon.

      My answer is:

      Hi Maria. Thanks for the comment. You know what, the vets who do the declawing in breach of their sacred oath don’t have a clue how many cats that they declaw end up with arthritis because of what they did. They don’t want to know. But it is almost bound to be a good number because cats are digitigrades. They walk on their toes. If their toes hurt or the last phalanx is missing putting them off balance and setting up stresses, common sense dictates that there might be health problems. As there are about 20 million declawed cats in the USA it is probably that there will be hundreds of thousands with arthritis.

      OK enough of the health stuff. The bit that interests me today is the cultural stuff. The fact is that it isn’t just Brits who don’t know that Americans declaw cats. Most of the world doesn’t know either. I can say that with some confidence because the UK is the closest country to the USA. We have the same language and similar levels of education etc.

      Almost all of the Middle and Far East, Central and South America and Africa won’t have heard of the declawing of cats. Oh, and I mustn’t forget the rest of Europe.

      Is this significant? Well, who knows. As mentioned, one thing it does tell us is that declawing is unique to America and therefore someone better than me should figure out why because it will tell the rest of the world a lot about the underlying psyche of Americans.

      Also, if people in other countries knew about it perhaps, like me, they would criticize it. That would not make much of a difference in the US of A. But it would make a small difference. If we can make a small difference we should make it because small things grow into bigger things.

      Before an American like Woodsman starts to swear at me, let me say that I like America and Americans. I just don’t like animal cruelty. I hope people will accept that.

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