The Amazon Prize Number 2

The Amazon Prize Number 2

by Michael
(London, UK)

This is another little competition, following on from the one earlier in which the prize was a couple high quality cat scratching posts. There were two worthy winners.

I have called this “The Amazon Prize” TAP because I intend to run some more of these (subject to there being enough participants) and each time the prize will come from Amazon or one of their associated suppliers.

Some of these suppliers ship internationally, which allows the maximum number of people to enter. The places where international shippers ship to are:

All Marketplace countries

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and USA (including US protectorates).

Anyone from these countries can participate in TAP.

OK…that’s the preamble out of the way.

Cat Sanctuary, Rome
Photo by John (Flickr)

The Competition

Please use the comment form below to answer this question:

“How do you show your love for your cat?”

The competition closes on November 1st 2010.

I will judge the best answer. The person with the best answer can either:

(1) nominate their own prize from Amazon to a value of $120 (USD – United States Dollars). This means converting to your own currency to work out the value in USD. Please note: the $120 includes delivery. The prize winner will need to check that the item they want is delivered internationally….or

(2) Receive a copy of The Encyclopedia Of The Cat by Dr Bruce Fogle (value $99 on

Could all competitors please provide their full address with the entry. If you are concerned about doing this in a comment, you can email me the address at the end of the competition (if you have won!).

Well that’s it. I hope some people find the time to have a go at this.

There is an underlying purpose to the competition: to promote a loving bond with our cats, which also promotes good health and contentment for both our cat and ourselves.

Many “cat problems”, health and behavioral, can be cured or prevented through a loving approach from the human caretaker. And the answers might provide us with some useful tips and insights into how to create a loving relationship with our cat companion.

Good luck…

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The Amazon Prize Number 2

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Nov 09, 2010 Appreciation
by: Martha Kane -KITTYAPPEAL

A very big thank you Michael and Kay for the generous donation which will be put to good use i promise . My heartfelt thanks also goes to you Ruth for believing in me and wanting to help even though you have never met me . It is so good to know that although we make many sacrifices for these cats ,there are people out there who appreciate and support us in what we are trying to do for these beautiful creatures . What we do is by no means easy as you yourself have seen Micheal, but we do it with love and great commitment and we are grateful for all the help we have received from POC and it’s readers . THANKYOU AGAIN ,from all of us.

Nov 08, 2010 That is wonderful
by: Ruth

I think Martha’s cause is so very deserving and I’ve been trying to budget to send a donation since I read about her on here.
I will find a way to help you Martha but I don’t feel quite so pressured now. Michael’s kindness knows no limits !!!
We are desperate to get our local Animal Rescue Centre’s cattery roof finished before the really bad weather sets in, as the present cattery is crumbling so our every spare penny is going to them at the moment:

The local council are being as awkward as they can about the materials Kevin can use.
There are so many cats to help and so little to help them with, it’s heartbreaking.

But reading Michael’s comment today has really cheered me up.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 07, 2010 Prize
by: Michael

I have decided that the $240 should go to Martha Kane’s Kitty Appeal in Malta. I think Kay would approve. Martha is on a relatively low income in relation to her outgoings caring for 150+ cats! And there is a constant need to spay and neuter cats.

If no one objects I will make the payment in a few days.

Thank you Kay for your kindness.

Michael Avatar

Nov 07, 2010 Thanks Ruth
by: Martha Kane ”kittyappeal”

Thank you Ruth. I appreciate you thinking of me in the eventuality of you winning the prize .I too believe that mass neutering is the only way forward and if that is what Kay is doing then she deserves the prize money just as much as i would have . Who knows , i may get lucky and have you or someone else think of my cause next time.Takwe care and thanks again.

Nov 06, 2010 Well done Kay
by: Ruth

I’m so happy !!
I had planned to do something similar if I’d been chosen as the winner, except I’d have split the amount into half for Martha Kane Rescue and half for Susan to help with her expenses for Mushu’s treatment for his ongoing problems from being declawed.
However, neutering is very important so well done Kay.

Nov 04, 2010 Winner wishes to donate prize
by: Michael

Kay has won and wants the $120 prize “donated to any charity that you choose to help defray the cost of spay and neuter for low income cat lovers…” A wonderful gesture. Anyone can apply for this and PoC will donate $120 more (total $240).

Please leave a comment on this page if you wish to apply and I will decide shortly.

If there are no comments I will pick a group/organisation.


Michael Avatar

Nov 03, 2010 To Kay
by: Ruth

Congratulations Kay, I loved reading about your CoCo, a well worthy winner.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 01, 2010 Winner
by: Michael

Well, this has been a very tough one. All three are very fine.

However, I like the naturalness of the love that emerges out of a closeness between cat and human while working. It is unusual to take your cat to work and this is supported by the fact that the cat is a rescue cat.

So, by a very narrow margin I choose the post of Kay Zirkel as the winner.

Kay, could you please provide address details? You can do it here in a comment or email me. See my email address here.

Note my email address is presented in a way that stops people stealing it. Just read the message attached to it.

When answering please tell me what you want. The Encyclopedia or something of your choice to $120. If the latter please specify. I will order it, buy it and have it sent to you or whoever you want it sent to.

If it is someone else, PoC will also pay for gift wrapping if you specify that.

Very well done.


Michael Avatar

Sep 22, 2010 How I let CoCo Know I Love Her
by: Kay Zirkel WA. USA

CoCo is anything but a normal cat. First off she is only bonded to me, while she tolerates other humans touching her and taking care of her needs.
CoCo as a one week old orphan kitten when I got her two years ago, was almost always carried around in my jacket pocket as I did farm chores. This being the case she is used to being everywhere with me on the farm.

She allows me to feed the livestock with her guidence, together we gather eggs from the hen house and she loves to ride in the bicycle basket I have mounted on my riding garden tractor. ( the noise does not seem to bother her at all, and her hearing is perfect.
Being a farm cat she does not like being locked up in the house at night. So she has her own pet door to come and go as she pleases. She does not roam about as she is very cautious about everything in her enviorment. She sleeps with me when she choses to, and she lets me know her likes and dislikes by her voice. She is picky about food and preffers dry food to moist.
She allows me to rub her tummy after supper and blesses me with a gentel purr.
We love each other dearly and I hope to have her companionship until we are but old and gray.

Sep 13, 2010 loving my cats
by: kathy

I show Lia I love him by making sure he has every kind of cat food he likes. I also have to kiss him on the check and on the nose. We also bumb heads. I also take him on the deck with me after I spray it for insects. He will stare at the back door and he will meow and open his mouth up so big but no sound comes out. He know the difference in the sizes of cat food cans. He knows Fancy Fest comes in a small can. Pro Plan has come out with some new flavors he likes and it comes in a small can. At feeding time I ask him does he want Fancy Feast and he comes running. Due to adding another cat and our financial situation I have been adding the large cans of Friskies to supplement the 4 of them. When he sees the larger can his expression changes and he quickly looks away. Some flavors he likes and some he doesnt. Its hard to keep track of what he likes and doesnt. He loves the Whiskas dry kitten formula because it has those crunchy treat like pieces with the creamy inside. He also loves Pro Plan senior cat food for 11 and older. The small cans equal about a teaspoon a piece for all 4 of them. The larger cans he doesnt always eat much of but the new kitten is cleaning up after all of them. he loves to be furminated with the furminator and he gets that about once a week. He has his own special bed that is on my bed next to mine where the other person would sleep. Now hes sliding me off my pillow at night and I let him. Our house has 5 bowls with dry cat food. He has his own special litter box now in my room with a swinging door to keep his pee inside since he prefers to stand when going number 1. He hates when I read a newspaper and will plop right down on it and start tearing the corner if I try to turn the page. I am just patient and grab another part of it to read on top of him. When I come in the house after work I immediatly say “Wheres LI”. I then usually find him sitting on my bed. He has a Harley Davidson Collar. He gets special treats daily that only I give him. I have to put them right into his mouth. I give some to the other cats too but they get theirs on the floor. He is a special cat and the word spoiled does not apply to him. The word is loved. Anything Lia wants Lia gets. If he even seems sick he goes to the vet. Hes very healthy. Hes the joy of my life.

Sep 11, 2010 My love for our cats
by: Ruth

I show my love for our cats in many ways.
First and foremost is to remember they are cats, that they like being cats and that they don’t want to be treated like baby humans.
I respect their need for undisturbed sleep and make sure I am there for them when they ask for my company and some fun and games, or if they just need some love time.
They love it when the brush and comb appear as we make daily grooming time fun.
Secondly I show my love by ensuring they have the best Veterinary treatment if they need it and everything possible they need to stay healthy.
Also good food, comfortable beds, scratching materials, cat toys, the run of the house and cat friendly garden and because we live in a cat friendly neighbourhood they have their freedom within reason. From being kittens, all our cats have had this apart from after dark and when no one is home.
Thirdly I often put myself in their position on the floor alongside them and look at the world through their eyes, thereby reminding myself to always ‘think cat’ and what makes cats happy.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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