The appearance of the Croydon Cat Killer is becoming known

This is an update on the long-running Croydon Cat Killer story. It is believed that he has killed and mutilated around 300 victims. He operates beyond the boundaries of Croydon in South London. Unless others are copying him.

Recently, it has been reported by the online newspaper, that this prolific cat mutilator/killer has the following appearance:

  • He might be hooded as a hooded man was recently seen near a dead cat. He was chased at night.
  • He is white
  • He is about 5’8″ tall.
  • It carries a backpack and a head torch.
  • His clothes might be dark and as mentioned he wears a hooded jacket.
  • It is believed that he is in his 40s.
  • His face might be scarred with acne.

Residents nearly caught him after killing a cat and dumping his/her body in Caterham, Surrey. This happened in the early hours of last Thursday morning.

Observers and vigilantes have reported that he was believed to have been prowling around back gardens in Caterham making noises to try and lure cats to him.

A resident in Caterham saw the man with a head torch and a backpack. He ran off after he was noticed. He was chased by residents. The police attended with a dog but failed to track him down. He was almost caught.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) are prominently assisting the police in their investigation to track down this nasty individual. Obviously with the reasonable description that the police now have and which is published on this page, cat owners should be vigilant. I think cat owners should try and catch him if they can. Don’t take risks but go after the guy, get him and stop him. This has gone on for too long.


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5 thoughts on “The appearance of the Croydon Cat Killer is becoming known”

  1. And people continue to let their cats roam and be victims. I consider the person who allowed the last cat to roam almost as guilty as the person killing cats.

    1. That is a completely false equivalency! That’s like saying the woman deserved to be raped because she wore a short skirt, or some guy deserved to be killed because he ran out to the store late at night. Yes, we should do all we can to minimize our side of the risk. But the only guilty one is the monster that is murdering these poor creatures!

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