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The arrest of an NC animal rescuer: In the beginning, a plea was put out and volunteers showed up — 7 Comments

  1. Great article Elisa. You put into words my thoughts and indignation. Whoever comprises Wayne County Government Officials, a good portion of them seem to be vicious and backward thinking. I hate to use labels, but these type of people come to mind every time I think of the term “rednecks.” 😠😬

  2. For as long as I can ever remember, I have tried to get the people of NC to understand that the leaders and legal system of this state hate animals. Animal cruelty is rarely prosecuted. The people who have seen the level of cruelty in the state, because of the storm, will most likely not document. The animals will be warehoused and then killed. There ARE laws on the books, spelled out in black and white, that would have or could have prevented the abandonment of so many. But least, our law enforcement chooses not to pursue and fine those for neglect. However our law enforcement, legal system, and state would rather choose to go after a volunteer who was trying to care for an keep safe those to be discarded by others. And, I will say that these animals should have never been born to begin with. What you want to bet me that people were begging, borrowing, maybe stealing, medication for themselves when they had to be sheltered from evacuation. Have we bothered to send in the police to scan and confiscate all medications in their hands that were not prescribed to them? Oh, wait, we are talking about people here…in a state of emergency here….not animals. On the other hand, animals were the afterthought….not important….You can’t have it both ways. They either matter or they don’t.

    • It is a load of crap. The police at worst should have had a word in her ear and left her alone. There are many serious criminal activities taking place which should be prioritised over this alleged crime. Your assessment in the article is spot on as far as I am concerned. Thanks Elisa.

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