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The Aussies are planning to spray a poisonous gel onto feral cats to kill them — 9 Comments

    • They have educated themselves about TNR. They found that it is a failure. Why do you think all other countries are faced with the same daunting task of destroying all free-roaming cats today? Because your TNR doesn’t work. You LIED.

    • The culture in Australia seems to be very different to America. The feral cat is more widely vilified and it is because the public has been indoctrinated by the authorities.

  1. How is this different than how a cat dies from a venomous snake or insect bite or from coming in contact with any toxic plants?

    • I guess it is no different except that when a when a cat is poisoned by a toxic plant it is an accident and accidents happen but when people deliberately plan mass slaughter of cats through poisoning it is a crime in some advanced countries. There is a big difference and it is down to intent or in Latin: “mens rea”.

      • One cat being poisone by a plant doesn’t compare to many being forced to die from poison. It sounds like the efforts do delete the stray dogs in Muslim countries (Iran I think) by injecting slow-acting, tissue – dissolving acid into the dog’s thighs. A slow deliberate death is cruel and inhumane and we as humans are supposed to know better. Unless those who proposed this enjoy the idea of torturing animals?

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