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The awesome science of the cat’s tongue inspires a novel hair brush — 2 Comments

  1. This is a wonderful development, a very informatve article.

    I once shared life with a curious, characterful little cat named Gerry. He had endured a protracted period of severe neglect before he came to me. His mouth was 100% ravaged by Calici.

    His tongue had been so deeply ulcerated that once healed, it had no lingual papillae at all. With his tongue as smooth as a dog’s, he couldn’t keep his coat clean, detangle it or spread the sebaceous oils down the length of his long hairs. He had to have his teeth extracted too.

    We did our best, daily grooming, clipping, the occasional bath, dry microfibre cloths helped too, but he was always a scruffy, loveable mess. Gerry always groomed himself, but all this did was spread saliva through his coat.

    Oh how I wished that someone would invent THIS very brush! I approached the engineering department of our local uni’ & vet school, but no one could work out how to scan a cat tongue properly, yet alone work out how to ‘print’ this intricate, complex surface. The technology was just not quite there yet.

    I hope that this brush goes beyond the proof of concept stage. If such a cat brush was in production, it would be so helpful to cats who need serious help with grooming that is kind & effective.

    Thank you for sharing this important news!

    • Hi Jane. I would definitely get a brush like this if it was available. It was informative for me to learn that the papillae hold some saliva which is deposited deep inside the coat. I think we are world experts on cats by now. 🙂

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