Cat Basics

‘The basics’ means information relating to fundamental issues to do with the domestic cat such as eye color and genetics etc. Here are some pages on the basics. Although there are lots more on this site.

When we discuss cat basics we invariably return to the fact that the domestic cat is a domesticated wild cat and one of the best predators on the planet. The docile domestic cat is an impressive predator and survivor.

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4 thoughts on “Cat Basics”

  1. Eunice Schweitzer

    I have a grey midget cat. She has been in heat 3 times. Do I mate her with a midget cat or can she mate with a regular size cat. I got her from a friend who said she came from a regular size mommy cat. I really need to know. Thanks ……..

    1. Well, this is an interesting question. My initial thought is she can be matted with a regular sized cat. If you want more miniature cats it might be better to mate with another miniature cat.

  2. my ranch is in Mclennan co. tex. hunters have reported seeing a mountain lion, I want to learn more about habits of cats thanks.

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