I have a soft spot for feral cats because they are the abandoned ones, the forgotten ones and the offspring of cats who had a home. They need us. We owe them. We should not persecute them. They are persecuted by many for many reasons. One is the spread of disease. We have no right to blame the feral cat. We put them there either directly or indirectly. We really must look into our hearts and face up to the responsibility of dealing with the ‘feral cat problem’ properly, which means humanely.

Here are some posts on feral cats (there are lots more, please search for them)

Feral cats 

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Here is a video about Martha Kane who lives in Malta. She really cares. I mean she can’t not help cats. That is not easy to live with. It can make life painful. She also has a painful medical condition. She is a great cook! She is a heroine and deserves a medal.


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  1. I think that I saw this at one time. Guess I never commented.
    Martha and her companion are true heroes to me. I know full well how hard she works.
    Bless her.

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