The Battle of the Grove Part 4

The Battle of the Grove Part 4

by Audrey Smith
(Columbus, OH)

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Robinpad is being led to see Tawnyfoot with Nettlestar….

“So how are things in CherryClan?” asked Swiftpaw, his eyes wide. Robinpad admired the golden specks in his amber eyes before answering.

“Well, my sister and my brother and I just recently became warriors. Their names are Shadesparrow and Ravenstripe. And Whisper-ray has two healthy kits; Lark-kit and Nightkit.

“Whisper-ray?” Swiftpaw’s eyes widened.”That’s my sister!”

So that’s how he looks like Nightkit, thought Robinpad. A pungent scent filled the air. mmm, thought Robinpad. Catmint.

“We’re here,” announced Swiftpaw. A beautiful tortiseshell she-cat elegantly stepped through the bushes to greet them. She had blue eyes speckled with silver sparkles. Her fur was semi-long, with deep oak browns, light fawn tans and the cleanest white. Her nose was raspberry pink, and her ears were small, but with long fur at the tips. Robinpad could see Nettlestar’s tail quiver, and his ears twitched.

“I think Nettlestar likes Tawnyfoot,” Swiftpaw whispered so inaudibly it was very hard for Robinpad to hear, even though his mouth was right next to her ear. Robinpad agreed. She nodded slightly.

“Hi… uh… Tawnyfoot… ” Nettlstar mumbled.
“Hello Nettlestar. Has the young Swiftpaw told you of sagacious discovery?” Tawnyfoot replied, blinking slowly as she said the word word “sagacious.”

“If sagaci…ush… um… means wonderful, then yes,” Nettlestar said, regaining his composure.

“Good,” said Tawnyfoot. “But it doesn’t means wonderful. It means…!”

A loud shriek interupted her. “That sounded like Fernwhisker!” Swiftpaw gasped, his eyes, so soon ago bright, turned dark, and he looked much older than he was.

“It was Fernwhisker,” Tawnyfoot whispered. “we have to rescue her. This is why I called for you. We must save her and everyone else, now that we have found a cure.”

“Of course,” Nettlestar’s face hardened. “We must take back Starclan territory!”

“Yes!” said Swiftpaw. He then turned to Robinpad. “Will you help us?”

Robinpad looked from Nettlestar to Tawnyfoot to Swiftpaw.The golden flecks in his eyes shimmered in the sun-high sunlight. “Yes.”

(To be continued in The Battle of the Grove Part 5)


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