The Bella Escapades

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Sniff, sniff. Chatter, chatter. Bella was looking out the window as usual. The window was slightly ajar. The rich aromas of the outside world wafted through the crack. She sniffed hungrily at the air. The grass had just been cut and the smell of spring was in the air. The earth was damp – this was the smell of the wild world, a place where she could be wild again. Bella picked up the faint fragrance of a Siamese cat that she had glimpsed behind a bush about 25 yards away.

This beautiful slender and delicate Siamese was doing her business in the flowerbeds of the garden. Every day this sweet Siamese would come to the garden, do “her business”, cover it up fastidiously, look left and right to see whether any enemies were there and then make a dash home. Bella could hear her rush through the cat flap, safe at last.

Chatter, chatter; Bella instinctively practised her killing bite to the nape of the neck of the bird that was sitting on the branch no more than 10 meters away but totally out of reach. It was simply instinctive behavior. She couldn’t help it. It was in her DNA which placed her one short step from the wild and for a brief second that is where she wanted to be although she didn’t realise it.

Bella had been sitting on the windowsill upright and alert for a good 30 minutes. It was time to settle down and snooze a bit. She stretched and then lay down. Her ears were flickeringly alert and she began that same old dream that came to her mind every time she snoozed on this windowsill after she had sniffed the cool morning air that transported the wild into her protected human world.

She was running, frantically running away from something. She was in a forest. The trees were tall and dark. She heard an unusual sound. To a human the sound was like the pop, pop of fireworks. She knew that the people who were chasing her and who were making the sounds were her enemies. She had to get away.

She came to a clearing with deep luxurious, fern grass. This meadow was her world in her dream, full of creatures that she would instinctively chase, attack and feed on. Then she woke up with a start.

β€œBella, breakfast is ready”. Clink, clink. The sound of the feeding bowls and the sound of her human companion’s voice meant one thing, it was time to eat cat food, the stuff that came out of the packet. She thought to herself, am I going to put up with that today or am I going to look up, quizzically, and give my human companion “the eye”, which she knew always did the trick. She knew she would get something different – may be it would be that senior, smelly stuff which sometimes got her so excited but never so excited as when she was in that meadow chasing that mouse…..

More to come – maybe πŸ˜‰

31 thoughts on “The Bella Escapades”

  1. This really makes me sad about the fact my cats can’t run around outside in the grass. It’s awful they are cats – they belong outside.

    • It’s not your fault Marc, it’s the way the world is today, some of us are just lucky enough to live in England in cat friendly places, I thank my lucky stars for that every day.

    • Bella will be going outside soon! LOL. Marc, I am not sure you realise that this is a novel, a fiction dreamed up by me. I know you are busy so don’t have the time to spend. If you do know that it is the beginning of a short story, forgive me.

      • Michael I know you made it up – it’s really great. Just talking about cats enjoying the outdoors makes me sad I guess because I can picture it perfectly. It’s my favourite thing to be with cats outside in the trees and grass. If I could quit my job and hang out with cats in gardens I’d be in heaven.

    • Hopefully one day your be able to have a home where u can have your cats outside in a fenced area. Or where they feel most safest.


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