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The Bella Escapades — 31 Comments

  1. This really makes me sad about the fact my cats can’t run around outside in the grass. It’s awful they are cats – they belong outside.

    • It’s not your fault Marc, it’s the way the world is today, some of us are just lucky enough to live in England in cat friendly places, I thank my lucky stars for that every day.

    • Bella will be going outside soon! LOL. Marc, I am not sure you realise that this is a novel, a fiction dreamed up by me. I know you are busy so don’t have the time to spend. If you do know that it is the beginning of a short story, forgive me.

      • Michael I know you made it up – it’s really great. Just talking about cats enjoying the outdoors makes me sad I guess because I can picture it perfectly. It’s my favourite thing to be with cats outside in the trees and grass. If I could quit my job and hang out with cats in gardens I’d be in heaven.

    • Hopefully one day your be able to have a home where u can have your cats outside in a fenced area. Or where they feel most safest.

  2. Yea i agree Michael you should be a writer esp in the cats and animal area. It always pleases me to read your articles. Lovely cat pic, wish i could write like you all do. : )

  3. A beautiful writing, Michael – imaginative.
    I’ve told you before that you really should write a book and illustrated by Ruth AKA.

  4. Good one Michael, it was as if you were in the mind and form of Bella, yes more please….although it did make me sad she could only dream of enjoying her freedom.

  5. Go Michael! What a nice little story. Good change up. It took me to all the way to the third paragraph before I knew it was you writing. I have a couple cat memoirs old like you to write. Honest though, nicely done.

    • Did you like it Elisa? I dictated it using Dragon Dictate software in 20 mins. Spent the next 10 minutes tidying it up because the software is not that brilliant but it does all you to express yourself more freely.

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