The best example of cat odd-eyes that you’ll see

No one wanted this stunning odd-eyed Scottish Fold on offer online. I suspect that the reason is because Scottish Folds can have inherited health issues linked to the reason for their flat ears (cartilage production defect). That said these are the best example of feline odd-eyes that I have seen, which incidentally, are nearly always yellow and blue. The blue eye has no melanin pigment in the iris. The blue color comes from white light refraction (as in a blue sky). The gene that makes this cat white removes melanin from the coat and in the iris of one eye. The other eye has yellow pigmentation.

Odd-eyed white Scottish Fold
Odd-eyed white Scottish Fold living in St Petersburg, Russia. Photo: Caters.
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The rounded head because of the flat ears and the crisp white coat makes this a standout cat. His name is Joseph and he was adopted by Evgenii Petrov, 29, who lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He said that is was love at first sight. The medical term for odd-eye colour is heterochromia iridum. There is a variant called sectoral heterochromia in cats.

Here is another picture of this charasteristic:

Odd-eyed cat

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