The best outdoor climber and cat tree house you will see

This is the best outdoor cat climber and tree house that you will see. It’s a deluxe catio. Hadley Brooks-Joiner should be very impressed with her father, Alex, for constructing such a magnificent outdoor cat tree house and climbing construction together with a magnificent walkway high above their garden. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I think it ranks as the best of its type on the planet.

Wow outdoor climber and tree house for cats

Wow! outdoor climber and tree house for cats. Photo: Hadley Brooks-Joiner or father.

The reason why he built it is the obvious one, which is that he wanted to provide the cats with a safe outdoor space. A place where they could not be hurt by traffic and where they could not hurt native wildlife such as birds. It very much ticks all the boxes. It’s a cation with tons of catification.

The cat’s names are: Luna, Daisy and Marvel. Luna is 16-years-of-age and both Daisy and Marvel are four-years-of-age.

The cats who enjoy a wonderful outdoor tree house and climber

Two of the cats who enjoy a wonderful outdoor tree house and climber. Photo: Hadley or Alex Brooks-Joiner.

Protecting the cats and wildlife

Hadley says that their house is in the downtown portion of their city, namely, Ontario, Canada. There are predators such as coyotes who could harm their cats and the road to getting busier year by year. There are also the usual dangers of getting into cat fights with other outdoor cats and of course the possibility of picking up diseases.

Alec started off by building a space for the cats under the decking of the house and then decided to move on to this wonderful construction.

Alex wants to build more!

Hadley says all the cats love it although initially they were a bit nervous of it. It seems that Alex has not finished as he intends to expand the construction upwards and towards the house. He wants to add another entrance to the construction through a second-floor bedroom window. Bring it on Alex. I am very impressed. You get this months catification award and tons of online recognition.

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