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The Big Maine Coon Cat — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve wanted a Maine Coon cat/kitten for as long as I can remember. I had a cousin that rescued a Maine Coon after an apartment fire, where the cat lost his tail, yet was still beautiful, large & in charge. So I’ve always wanted a Maine Coon. So,if anyone has one that is in need of his/her forever home….call me, Jeanie (pronounced Jean…ie) like the pink Jeanie in a bottle, @ 517-256-0158. My family would love to meet him/her the Maine Coon. I’ve got 3 grown children, with the last one graduating this year. My husband is retired & home most of the days so the cat will not be lonely. We are used to large animals, as our last dog, Louis, was a large Saint Bernard, weighing approx, 150-180lb’s. I’d love to find a large Maine Coon that is big, well behaved & loving. The empty nest syndrome is totally not for me & my husband. So if there is a Maine Coon anyone knows of please send me a text. Contact info: Jeanie M. Jones, 208 W. Northrup St., Lansing Michigan, 48911: #1-517/256-0158: email – jnbean108@aol.com

    • I wish you the very best of luck in your search Jeanie. I don’t see many if any Maine Coons becoming available at cat rescues unfortunately. I guess that you don’t want to buy a cat from a breeder.

  2. Is this cat up for adoption? The large Maine Coon? If so please call Jeanie Jones, 517-256-0158. I’ve always wanted a large Maine Coon, so hopefully I’d b a great new home!

    • Shane, find a very good cat breeder. Visit that breeder to check out their facilities. Check out their cats. Your cat will select you. Ensure that you get a contract and ensure that you receive the paperwork to prove that your cat is purebred. You will pay the same price as for nearly every purebred domestic cat which is somewhere between $500 and perhaps $2000. The usual price used to be in between $500 and $1000 approximately.

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