The Birthday Cat

The Birthday Cat

My mother always wanted a Siamese cat. Over the years we had many stray cats & a couple of Siamese crosses and since I work at an animal shelter we never had to look very far when we wanted another cat.

Last summer my mother turned 90 in July and in August we took in a blue point Siamese male at the shelter. (Stray – no collar, no one called to ask if we had him.)

I took him home & told mom he was her birthday present & it was love at first sight.

Now her beautiful “Louie” is king of the house and also follows along with me when I take her dog for a walk.

He’s a very special cat!

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The Birthday Cat

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May 05, 2012
Lovely story
by: Ruth

What a lovely story and it so reminded me of our late mother longing for a cat al her married life but our late dad didn’t like them.
Just a few weeks after he died suddenly and our poor mam was grieving and lonely, a little black kitten was brought into the vets where I worked to be PTS.
She was covered in candy floss, had obviously been used as a child’s toy.
Anyway to cut a long story short I took her home as a surprise for our mam and that little kitten helped her through the dark days of the first grief and they had many happy years together.

I hope your mom and Louie have many happy years together too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 04, 2012
Win WIn
by: Michael

Great little story. Win win. A cat saved and what seems to be a purebred cat at that, and a companion found.

Thanks for visiting and sharing. I wish more people gave a cat as a birthday present! Provided of course that the recipient wants a cat.

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