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I’m sure many PoC regulars will be familiar with The Animal Rescue Site, part of the Greater Good organisation, where we can click daily to help to feed rescue animals in the USA, I’ve been doing this for years now but only about 6 months ago I found out about the Shelter Challenge on the same site where we can also click daily to vote for an animal rescue site that we can choose from a list of many and there are various prizes, weekly and monthly for the shelters with the most votes.

Blind Cats
Blind Cats. Poster by Barbara
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The shelter I chose to support with my daily votes was Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in St Pauls, North Carolina

This is their description of themselves on their website:

“We started in 2005 to answer the need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed not adoptable by regular shelters and were going to be killed just because they were blind. In 2011 we built a second shelter building to address the need for a safe place for FELV+ & FIV+ cats that were going to be killed just because they test positive for these viruses”

What more can I say, they are just amazing people who want to help blind cats and those with viruses to live the best life possible and, importantly, once they are rescued they stay with the shelter forever so they aren’t upset again by being moved on, they are available to sponsor though.

I have been reading through the stories of the rescue of the cats at the sanctuary and my heart breaks for what they’ve suffered in the past, but I am so happy for them that they are now safe and loved and cared for, for the rest of their lives. With the permission of The Blind Cat Rescue & Shelter I thought that the POC family might like to see just some of the cats in their care and read a potted version of their stories.

In 2011 Morris was found as a little stray kitten.  The lady who found him contacted BCR to see if they could help him and then drove him from Maryland to the Blind Cat Rescue

Gina was posted to a group on Facebook that shares daily details of cats on Death Row, her info was sent to Blind Cat Rescue who in turn posted her details to their Facebook page, no one was willing to give her a home so BCR said they would take her if someone could bring her to them from New York and a lady named Giovanna volunteered, at the same time a man named Steven had posted that if someone got her to Washington DC, he would drive her the rest of the way.

Giovanna went to the pound and got her, kept her overnight, rented a car, drove from NYC to Washington DC and handed her over to Steven who drove her the last 5 hours to BCR.   Gina owes her life to them, she was in poor shape and she had never been spayed so BCR got her to the vets and she had 2 huge uterine cysts removed.  Vets also removed both of her eyes.  She had no sight in them, one had completely collapsed and one was hard as a rock from glaucoma and must have been causing her considerable pain.  She had several rotted teeth, one with roots showing – BCR commented

“She is now home, on good pain meds, a couple of antibiotics and recovering nicely.  She is very sweet considering everything that has happened to her”

Lily went to BCR by way of their vet practice.  Her previous owner had finally taken her to the vet when she was at death’s door.  She lost her sight from the eye infection that they did not bother treating.  The vets talked them into giving up ownership of her to allow BCR to take her and get her the medical care she needed.

Snicker came from the Cumberland County Animal Control Centre in Cumberland County, a pound which euthanizes over 11,000 animals per year. He was very lucky to have some nice ladies working there who liked his friendly personality and went the extra mile to find a place for him instead of euthanizing him.   He is described as super, super friendly

These are just a few cats from the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary to read more stories of beautiful cats go to Blind Cat Rescue and please also consider voting daily for this amazing place.


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