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The cat corner scratcher reminds us where cats like to be rubbed — 2 Comments

  1. My two love a corner marking spot too.

    On a dresser in our bedroom, I have a pot of hair brushes. These brushes are a target for both feline chops here. I usually have to clear cat hair out of them before I use them. Actually, sometimes, I don’t bother.

    Thrifty Corner…
    Check out cheap detangling brushes & paddle brushes for human hair at the local cheap (Pound Shop/Dollar Store) for potential corner scratchers. The one in the picture looks almost identical to a human hair brush. Cat products usually carry a hefty price premium.

    The human hair brushes often have flexible brush pads that are removable for washing. They could be bent around a corner and attached using those powerful adhesive pads that seem to hold things very firmly.

    One of my cats favourite’s is an rubber equine curry comb. It has roundish rubber bumps on a large hand shaped, rubber pad, with a hand strap. The one I have is for big hands and big horses. They are originally intended to break up dry mud on a horse’s coat and to remove loose hairs when the horse is moulting. My two short haired cats groom themselves when I hold it, rubbing their faces and bodies all over it.

  2. Yes that is a good area to rub cats. I have one who when I invite her in at the front door, she stands there rubbing her cheek and chin on the opened door for minutes. She literally gets lost in it, seeming to forget (certainly not care) why I opened the door in the first place. These corner rubbing things look like great products and I think I’ll finally get some. I’m sure the cats will love them. Great suggestion Michael.

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