The Cat He Rescued Becomes a Christmas Gift For This Man

It all came together this Christmas for Joe Rodriguez: cat rescue, Christmas and a new cat companion.

Joe was at a Bronx garage for an oil change and ended up rescuing a 6-month-old, female ginger tabby from the engine compartment of another car. You can see in his photo that the cat was wedged behind the engine under the dashboard.

Ginger cat saved from engine compartment
Baby in the engine compartment before being extracted by Joe. Photo by Joe.
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Joe was waiting for an oil change to be completed and heard a garage worker shout to the owner of another vehicle, “Look, you have a cat in there”.

Joe stepped in and careful extracted the cat who had a broken jaw and, it has transpired, an infected uterus both of which have subsequently been treated by an ASPCA vet, Dr Janice Fenichel.

Joe was already the caretaker of an ASPCA rescue cat so he now cares for two.

Joe named the cat “Baby”. He said:

“It’s like she just fell into my lap and said, ‘Take me, take me’….Because it’s Christmas, it makes everything much more special.”

Joe and "Baby"
Joe and “Baby”

He an ASPCA Christmas hero. In cold weather cats not infrequently become trapped under the hood of vehicles. We know this. People should be vigilant on those cold winter mornings when they are about to drive off. Perhaps a quick check under the hood might be worth the effort. Often cats are badly injured this way. Elisa tells the story of one of her rescue cats who lost an ear.

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