The Cat I Found and Lost and Loved

by Darlene

Rascal was one of a kind

Rascal was one of a kind

Rascal was one of a kind He was very talented! He loved me And I loved him so much

Hi, this is my story of a gray tabby cat that I adopted. He was five years of age when I adopted him. His name was Buddy when I adopted him but I renamed him Rascal because of his personality. I was blessed with him for only one year which I treasured a lot.

He was one of a kind but one sad day came on June 3rd three years ago, I planned to go visit my Dad for the weekend and I wanted to take my big baby, which was Rascal with me.

I put a collar and leash on him which I had in the past and he was fine but Rascal wriggled himself out of his collar and ran away. My Dad was very concerned about me.

He knew my whole world slipped away from me in a matter of minutes when Rascal took off.

We searched for Rascal calling out his name - no Rascal in sight. I put food and water out on the porch just in case he came back home. I did spend the weekend with my Dad while I was away.

Michelle made flyers for a lost cat which was very nice of her. After that weekend I stayed up night after night looking out my living room windows watching the hard rain and storms coming thinking of Rascal.

The thoughts flowing through my mind, "is Rascal alive or didn't he make it, who has him now and is that person treating him good?"

Rascal meant so much to me. I taught him how to play catch with a toilet paper roll! And he would catch it each time my dad was always there for me through this heart breaking time. He knew exactly what I was going through months past and years past.

Rascal never found his way home to me but the wonders still keep on flowing in my mind.

I love him so.


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The Cat I Found and Lost and Loved

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Oct 03, 2010 Hi Darlene
by: Michael

This is another good but sad story. Thanks for sharing. You are very kind hearted towards cats. You are in the right place to share on PoC. You have been unlucky with your cat companions.

I hope that you are keeping well.


Michael Avatar

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