The Cat I Loved

The Cat I Loved

Her name was Tigger. She came to be by coming to me as a gift. A gift I didn’t even know I wanted.

I started to reject her before I saw her. A neighbor of mine who wore a ring in her nose was trying to make amends for offending me by making light of what I had said about another neighbor who had gotten rid of another cat I had made friends with. I was so angry.

When I had learned that he had killed it, I went knocking on his door to express my disgust. Another friend of mine, this time human, had stopped me. I’m glad I no longer live in that neighborhood.

Paula brought Tigger to me as the runt of the litter. I took her. She was such a comfort. I had been mourning my son for twelve years. When she sucked on my earlobe, she brought back my son. Somehow I began to heal.

And now I mourn her. That’s the way life is. I carried her around Ventura. I put her on a leash sometimes outside of mass. What a joy!

I remember when I had a camper how she had gotten in a drawer. Down behind it, she was. I couldn’t find her. I thought someone had taken her like someone had taken my son.

I was sitting on a barstool when an acquaintance asked me how I was doing. I just started crying as I told him someone had taken my cat. With an expression of puzzlement, he said, “Why would anyone take your cat?” I felt some relief having cried and given expression to my grief. I went back to the camper and all was quiet. I began to hear a faint whimpering. I found her! She was all sooty, but a delight.

I remember taking her into Wal-mart the first time. However, the next, they were ready for us and would not let me bring her in. Same thing with Target. Oh well, such is life.

When I had come home from work one evening, I made the mistake of parking on the side opposite where we were renting. She crossed the road to greet me. A car came down the hill at a fast rate of speed. The car went over her, but it hit her. I thought she would die and that was that. That nothing could be done. But an invaluable neighbor told me, “Get her out of that” (referring to what I was carrying her in) and take her to the vet or she’ll die.

I did as I was told. She lived. Thank you God. She lived.

But this time, even though I had a hunch she should come and be with me instead of another cat, I let someone bring another friend. Oh my God, what a mistake. She’s gone, but her memory lingers on. And I thank you God for that and for my journeys with her.


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The Cat I Loved

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Jun 07, 2010
What happened?
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

I agree that this is a very moving story, but I am also perplexed about Tigger. Did the neighbor kill Tigger? If so, why? Was he/she ever reported?

It sounds like you are in California (Ventura) – what are their animal laws? (In our state, it is a felony if convicted.)

Although this is tragic, perhaps, in time your heart will once again allow another furry bundle of joy to share your life. If so, may we suggest that you visit a shelter? There are thousands of wonderful, deserving animals just waiting for a home full of love. Peace be with you.

Jun 06, 2010
by: Michael

Hi, thanks for sharing. I found it a moving story but also a slightly confusing story – sorry it may be me.

Are you saying that your neighbour killed Tigger and if so I would be pleased if you could tell me why and under what circumstances?

Thanks again. I moved your story to the moggie (Household pets) page.

Michael Avatar

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