The cat I saved is ill and I can’t afford a veterinarian

The cat I saved is ill and I can’t afford a veterinarian

About 22 months ago an elderly widowed woman, a neighbor of mine, who’s as poor as me and who had a stroke, and who lost her husband not so long ago told me that since she is not in any position to take care of her cat could I take it.

The alternative was Pasadena, S.California’s “humane society”. She might not have been aware that it was not a ‘no kill’ type of shelter and most likely within 5 days or so that cat would have been euthanized. Without any hesitation, I agreed in spite our our mutual similar state of poverty and disability as the shelter idea is unsafe.

I’m still feel like an average pet owner ‘clueless’, in spite of my continuing self education. Although, I am not exactly a ‘newby’. I have had cats before. I lost my last favorite kitty after 7 years. Possibly the blame was a genetic defect but this time around I am try my best to do all the right things, to the best of my knowledge.

I don’t allow my ‘new’ cat to go wondering and I hope I feed him the right cat food. I’m extremely attentive to his favorite foods. Dry foods like ‘The Good Recipe’ and ‘Dr. Hills’ (‘Science diet’) and wet food like Purina’s Fancy Feast and Fancy feast ‘Elegant Medleys'(very recently).

Yet since I received this cat (an orange tabby) about 21 months ago (it was 4 or 5 Years old according to previous owner) over time I noticed that the cat lost weight (now he’s 9 and a half pounds). I don’t know his original weight.

I saved this cat from being given to the pound (and you know well what it means in California, a certain death). Anyway to be brief, a few weeks ago he was in an area that had previously been sprayed against pests (at least in the vicinity) also he chewed on a plant leaf. This I could tell from checking one of his regurgitated stomach contents.

Recently he vomited 5 times. It was the worst. Next day 2 or 3 times a day and later once, then no more. Occasionally much later on he vomited once.

If I had the financial resources,long ago I would have taking him to a vet. Since I’m on an extremely limited income I can’t afford it. However, I’ve been in contact with many pet vet assistance funds, to no avail. Reasons: no funds. Unqualified (funding only rescue org.) etc.

As a last resort, I started to appeal to churches in our area, so far no results. But I keep hoping. And also started my own website that I’m also promoting:(hopefully).

Today the cat after a warm wash with a towel regurgitated (vomited) all his ‘Medley’ favorite. Prior to that he had another vomit. I’m almost at the end of my rope. I was very careful not to let this cat run loose and yet he losing hair (bald spot on his hind leg close to the tail,and a small one almost unnoticeable near his ear).

A vet I called suggested ‘not to worry’ the cat is still happy and alert and playful. Any proper advice, especially a competent one might help.

For additional details, please visit my website. Thanks In advance.

note: this post comes from an email sent to me, Michael (Admin) which was unsigned so it is currently anonymous – could the author please reveal himself and his place of residence?

The cat I saved is ill and I can’t afford a veterinarian to cat health problems

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The cat I saved is ill and I can’t afford a veterinarian

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Jun 18, 2010 No Kill Shelters..Southern Californiaq
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Hi Jimmy,

I just did another search and found the following links on Google’s search page:

I haven’t had a chance to read them all, but perhaps you can find someone to help. Please let us know.

Jun 18, 2010 How’s the cat?
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Hi Jimmy,

What is the latest with the ill cat? Were you able to contact any of the places I mentioned earlier?

The only thing I would ask is for you to put yourself in the cat’s place? What if it were you feeling and looking the way the cat does/did? What would you do?

There are kind souls out there more than willing to help but you must reach out to them. It may be in the best interest of the cat to give it up in order for it to get the care it needs. Has this cat seen a vet yet?

Please give us an update. The wonderful cat lovers on this site are always interested in knowing the final outcome of a situation. Thanks and bless you for all that you are doing for this feline.

Jun 18, 2010 Sierra Madre,S.California
by: Jimmy

Michael asked about me (the author of this post). I live in Sierra Madre, S.California. I am best known as ‘Jimmy’.

Jun 14, 2010 The cat needs a vet pronto!
by: Anonymous

Although you have done as much as you can, this cat definitely needs a vet pronto!!!

The regurgitation could be from any number of sources. For all you know, he could’ve ingested poison and, although altruistic, your help may be making it worse. This cat could be in severe pain. If that is the case (and cats hide their pain well), the kind thing just may be euthanasure; however, let’s take first things first.

This cat is losing weight. That could be anything from parasites to disease to bad food. The stuff you’ve been feeding the cat is not good food. Also, mixing various brands of both dry and wet food is not good. It wreaks havoc with the cat’s insides. You must pick ONE brand, and not a supermarket one either, and stick to it.

Before investing in food, though, this cat MUST BE SEEN BY A VET! I have included various websites that purport to be ‘no kill’ in California, with the 1st one specializing in animals nearing euthanasure. PLEASE! Get in touch with these people quickly before the cat comes to a painful end. Thanks and let us know how you make out. – specializing in pets nearing euthanasure.

The above is a google search I did with the phrase: no kill cat shelters..california.

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