The Cat Myths of Mexico

by Giselle

This is my beloved 8 year old cat, Mankey

This is my beloved 8 year old cat, Mankey

Mexico is a country with a lot of traditions and legends and some of them involve felids. We can find stories about jaguars and their majesty, in fact, among mexicas (an ancient civilization from the central zone of Mexico also known as “aztecas”), Jaguars have a special place in their culture since they are the “dark side”, the force responsible of night and tides.

Maybe this was believed due to the nocturnal habits of this cat, and in addition there was a special kind of warrior to honor this great hunter: the jaguar warrior.

The domestic cat appeared after the Spaniards came to America, but these cats were not as popular as their relatives. Many people believed that these animals were evil, and were associated with witchcraft.

There’s a legend about this: A black cat died inside a house and the people who lived there didn't want to bury it because black cats are a symbol of bad luck and they would be cursed for the rest of their life so they decided to place it in the roof.

That night they began to hear strange sounds coming from the outside of their house. They noticed that the sounds came from the roof so they went to see what was going on. The black cat was surrounded by other cats and they were singing and dancing. Slowly the cat became alive again: It's tail moved first, then his head. When he was on his four paws again he began to dance too, and when this happened all of them vanished in the dark.

Many people say that when we hear strange cat noises at night, they are trying to help their friends to leave this world.

Another popular belief is that when we see a cat licking its paws, somebody unexpected is coming home. Of course this is not true.

Mexico as well as other countries is another victim of the mystery around the domestic cat. Maybe they are not essential in our history (as they have been for the Egyptians for example), because America’s small sized cats are wild and lonely hunters, but obviously we couldn't just ignore the elegance of their bigger cousins (like the jaguar or the cougar), they are an important part on the American cosmogony.


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Sep 21, 2010 Black cats
by: Michael

Hi Giselle, thanks for your article. The cat and black cat generally still suffers from humankind's superstitions it seems to me. If it is not superstition it is plain fear of cats. A lot of people are a bit frightened of cats - I have no idea why!

I did a short article on black cat superstitions some time ago:

Black cats

And Elisa posted:

Satanic Cults and Cats

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