The Cat Rapper with his Cat Stroller

This is a brilliant photograph of a cool dude rapper with his cat stroller. It’s a high quality cat stroller too. I love the colours and the quality of the photograph. The picture accompanies some bad news from iAmMoshow – The Cat Rapper ™. He announced that his cat Tali The Lover had died a few months ago. He wants to take Tali for a walk again. I think Tali is in the stroller that we see in the photograph.

The Cat Rapper with a cat stroller. He is iAmMoshow – The Cat Rapper ™. I love the photo and the cat stroller. Photo: from this Twitter feed.

I don’t know this man but I do know that he’s very good for the domestic cat. It’s very unusual to see this. He’s made a career out of his cat family and his music. His new album is out and he has dedicated it to Tali. The best of luck for your new album. Here is the play list:

The Cat Rapper’s latest album play list. Photo his Twitter feed.

The Cat Rapper is serious about providing high quality cat care. He has a lot of classy cats. He knows how to look after them and provides advice on adopting cats on his website.


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