The Cat Rescuers (film)

The Cat Rescuers - the film
The Cat Rescuers – the film
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“NYC PREMIERE More than half a million feral cats prowl the streets of New York City, struggling to survive each day. With no official policies in place to aid the abandoned animals or curb their growing population, animal welfare activists enter the breach. The Cat Rescuers follows four dedicated, street-smart volunteers working tirelessly in Brooklyn to help save as many felines in need as possible, no matter the personal sacrifices they must make.”


The Cat Rescuers features volunteers such as Claire and Tara who give their time and energy to help more than half a million street cats struggling to survive in New York City. The city is unwilling to deal with feral cats. The film features the area of Brooklyn where apparently the feral cat problem has exploded.

Claire with Henry
Claire with Henry. Photo from press release.

These great people search the borough’s back alleys, housing projects and backyards where they trap neuter and release the cats. Some are adopted. This is a classic TNR programme.

The press release states that the cat rescuers bring ‘skill, resilience and humour to this challenging but rewarding work…..’. Their mission is to reduce animal suffering and it is done often at a great sacrifice by themselves. Their work has changed their lives.

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