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The cat that glues our family together — 2 Comments

  1. 4 years ago after the Christchurch earthquakes Basil became very territorial, began fighting. One incident 2 years ago got him the name “chickenfoot” – one back paw was bitten so badly it had to be shaved, looked like a little drumstick. We think that’s when it happened… he’s just been tested positive for FIV. He’s had a full bank of blood-tests done, at present his immune system is NOT compromised. We decided he has the right to outdoor freedom during the day – he loves the backyard, loves being out there with us and the 2 girls. But he has to come in at dusk to cut down the risk of exposure to other cats, we don’t want him spreading or catching anything. We’ve added a bigger cat-condo, more toys, we play with him and give him treats AFTER he comes inside; we’ve started a specific fund for his future vet bills. We know the signs in him that he’s not well and with care he’ll be able to stay the same funny crazy cat for a good few years.

    • Wow, a good story and a bit sad. Also I find the effect of the earthquake very interesting. You are doing really nice work to look after him. There is a heavy responsibility looking after a FIV positive cat. More to think about. Thanks for sharing, Rebecca.

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