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The Cat That Refuses A Name

The Cat That Refuses A Name

by Letiece
(Earth (hopefully))


Okay, so our cat was an abandoned cat by our neighbor. We first spotted her when she was sitting on the steps of said neighbor's house. I instantly fell in love with her. She looked like a miniature lynx.

Bonus points: I was and still am not deathly allergic to her (or her kittens for a fact). So when our neighbor moved she couldn't take the cat with her to her new home and had put her out. She instantly started following me around the neighborhood.

I went to the library and she waited patiently outside for me. So after about a week of following me around I decided to take her in. Me and my mother tried naming the cat. At first we kept calling her kitty and she gave us what I call the 'foolish human' look.

So it was a no to "Kitty". Then we tried Buttercup. Blossom. Bubbles. (I was a powderpuff girl fanatic as a kid). Mia. Bella... So then I just settled on "Cat", simply because she wouldn't respond to any name.

So my cousin Demetria decided to visit us one day and the family calls her Meechie or Meech. Every time we call Meechie the cat would come running to us. So we decided on Meech for her name. We bought her a name tag and everything. Now she won't respond to her name. I know she's not deaf. I just think she likes to mess with me.....

Update: The cat that refuses a name part 2

Meech and the it wasn't me look

Okay here's an update on Meech. I think she is playing games with me. I called her Meech. Constantly. But now my cousin Brooklyn came and she responded to Brookie. He looked at me and said (imagine this with a English accent

"You uncreative dork. I can't believe you named your cat after me!"

Then when I tried to explain that the cat's name is Meech, I swear she smirked at me. Yes my cat is playing games with me. Not cool. Not one bit...


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The Cat That Refuses A Name

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Dec 31, 2009
Looks like a Meech
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Letiece. She looks absolutely adorable, and I fully understand you could not resist her. Meech has a good sound and to me she looks very much like just that, but what do we humans know... 😉

Dec 29, 2009
by: Michael

Hi Letiece, I think you are joking! Meech doesn't know how to smirk or what it means.

Meech is a good name. Just use it with rewards like good old food.

"Come on time...clank, clank of the food dishes...."

Here comes Meech..

Dec 27, 2009
by: Mary H

She's beautiful, no matter which name you finally choose! Maybe has some Maine Coon in her breeding, I'd guess, from the tufted ears etc...

Our cats all have their names and about five to ten nicnames a piece!! They respond to any of them, as do my horses... as someone said, it is the tone along with your body language that cues them in to the fact that you are calling them, personally 🙂
~Sounds like your girl has quite a personality to go along with her looks 😉

Dec 27, 2009
In a name
by: Jan Plant

Beautiful,lovely eyes she has.Perhaps it's not her not liking the name,but the inconsistency.Two many changes,is why you may be getting that "Look" we all get from time to time.LOL.

Dec 27, 2009
by: Zach Atteberry

Wonderful! I loved it. Beautiful cat, and she probably thinks she can fool you 😉

Dec 27, 2009
My thought
by: Michael

Hi Letiece, I have found (
for what it is worth) that my cats gradually become accustomed to the sound of their name being said.

The manner in which it is said is more important than the actual word.

After a while a cat responds. Particularly if calling her or his name results in food being put down! Or ends up in anything that a cat finds nice. Training by reward basically.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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