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The cat that still loves us after declawing and being shot (in the paw!) — 11 Comments

  1. Michael, you understood correctly. My neighbor who lives behind me, who is ironically an animal lover, was going out into his backyard and practicing his shooting accuracy with a paper target pinned to his outdoor shed. I did not have a clue to what happened.

    About a week after Joey was shot, I walked outside and heard shots being fired. When I looked into my neighbor’s backyard, I saw him aiming in the direction of his shed which butts up to my backyard. That is when everything clicked on how Joey had gotten injured. I thought up until then, that someone had purposely shot him and I actually suspected my neighbor who lived in front of me because they don’t care for animals. I had even thought of confronting them and was so thankful, that for once I kept my mouth shut.

    I was so angry at the guy that shot Joey I called the police, and filed a report to follow up the report I had already filed with the local shelter. The police went and talked to him and the bottom line is, I don’t believe he will ever be doing target practice in his backyard again.

  2. My Joey was shot in the foot. It broke his toes and he was in a cast for about 2 weeks, until he got it off his leg. That little pellet cost me a lot of heartache and money. I was scared to death someone was purposely after my cats, but that wasn’t the case. Instead of cruelty, he was shot because of stupidity.

    • I am very sorry to hear your Joey was the victim of a shooting. Cindy are you saying that Joey was shot because someone with a BB gun was careless as they were shooting at something else?

  3. Aww 🙁 The Poor Cat. My Heart Goes out to that Cat Being De- clawed and….Shot at in the Paw. Words cant explain how upset I feel over what happened. I hope there is someone who has a great Heart that can give him a forever and safe life.
    I really dont understand why people do that. First being declawed and then Shot at. Don’t understand some people. It’s just so dissappointing 🙁

  4. You are amazing for all you do and trying to help this poor baby. I am feeling so much hatred for whoever did the declaw and also I want to shoot whoever used the damn gun on him!

    Is expression reminds me of Vincent who is also a big cat same agony producing the same expression …. heartbreaking 🙁

  5. Mundo is a big beautiful boy.
    In spite of all the cruelty done to him, he is still a lap cat.
    Cats are so forgiving.
    I am not so forgiving of those who caused harm to this precious cat.

  6. Poor Mundo, as if being declawed wasn’t bad enough, some cruel idiot shot him in the paw too.
    I hope and pray he gets a good home so that he can get all the medical treatment and surgery he needs.
    How I admire the Paw Project vets!
    What a pity some vets break their sworn oath to cause no animal to suffer, by mutilating cats and therefore leaving others like Kirsten to repair the damage.
    How can they in all conscience continue to do this!

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