The Cat With The Beautiful Eyes

Coby is a pure white, British Shorthair with the most brilliant and dazzling azure eyes (the colour of the sky on a clear summer’s day). Can we agree that this cat has the most beautiful eyes amongst all the cats that we have seen on the Internet?

I’m not saying that he has the most beautiful eyes of all cats because no doubt there are many cats with equally brilliant and beautiful eyes but I have seen thousands of photographs of cats as you can imagine and I think Coby has the most impressive eyes that I have seen.

On reflection, you could say that Coby as the most beautiful eyes of any animal that I have seen on the Internet but that may be stretching things a little bit too far. His human caretaker is Rebecca Schefkind. The pictures in the montage below come from Instagram via the Telegraph newspaper.

Cat with the beautiful eyes
Coby – the cat with the beautiful eyes. Photos by Rebecca I believe.
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Rebecca says that she opened an account on Instagram for Coby and very quickly the number of followers reached 150,000! There were offers of free food and supplies from sponsors and Rebecca became a cat lady overnight!

I think what complements Coby’s beautiful eyes is his gorgeous pink nose framed by a beautifully shaded area of dark fur. Each of the photographs presented on this page received upwards of 30,000 likes on Instagram together with thousands of comments. I suppose we should not be surprised about that.

Rebecca is an art director in New York city. I am going to guess and say that Coby is a full-time indoor cat.

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