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The Cats Came With The Farm — 2 Comments

  1. Very commendable of you on catching & neutering spaying all 20 feral cats, a big plus no more kittens. Our family has been cat lovers/rescuers/helpers for over 60 yrs. Back in 7/81 my husband was sent to check on a house that was foreclosed, the only living thing was a Tortie with teats hard with milk, after searching for kittens we decided to take this cat home with us. We named her Panchita II because she adopted my husband (Frank) fiercely as her own.Soon she was vaccinated & spayed.
    1990 we moved 100 miles SE of Tucson, Panchita made the 2 hr trip w/o a complaint, adjusted to her new home very well. Morning of 12/01 Panchita was not doing well but she waited for her “owner” to return home, as soon as Frank did, she allowed him to give her a bit of water & within seconds she peacefully passed away in his loving arms. Few weeks later I took our other cat for a check up & casually mentioned that “Panchita died at
    21 yrs old” to my surprise vets reply was “No Mam, Panchits was @ least 24
    just wish more owners cared about their animals the way you do”
    I simply said, “Thank you, we consider them family from day 1”

    My best to you & yours,
    keenpetite aka Carmen
    SE Arizona in USA

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