The Cats of Claw Hill

The Cats of Claw Hill

by Leah

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Site Build It!The Cats of Claw Hill is a drama about some cats from Claw Hill in Scotland. It seems to be narrated in the same style as desperate housewives in Wysteria Lane focusing on cat gossip, families, affairs etc.

I enjoyed it as it's humorous but also very informative.

My ears pricked up when I heard the narrator talking about one of the cats scratching a gatepost. More interestingly the narrator went on to explain that it is vital for cats to do this; it's natural behaviour. Scratching removes the claw husks and also stretches the cats muscles which is essential for the cats well being.

So I imagine this programme has been thoroughly researched? So then its fact that scratching is natural behaviour. Its also fact that scratching a post stretches a cats muscles. Well the point I'm trying to make is that all pro-declawers especially vets are technically calling the producers of this programme liars. After all how many times have we heard that cats don't need their claws? How many times have we heard that scratching is bad behaviour as opposed to essential and natural behaviour?

I also recently signed a petition to bring to justice the animal abusers who 'took care' of the animals in a research lab in America. They took care of them all right; allegedly slamming them around cages, throwing bleach over them, and in the case of cats 'twisting and pulling at their claws trying to rip them from SENSITIVE PADS'. Seems the authorities felt that closing the laboratory down was punishment enough however PETA thought otherwise and wants the perpetrators bought to justice. I think so too.

Prevention is the best medicine for your pet's health.These are just 2 high profile instances where it has been highlighted that a cats paws are sensitive and that they DO need their claws. How long therefore do de-claw vets think they can not only get away with torturing cats but also calling us liars and also insulting our intelligence? Not only us but high profile anti-declaw vets, documentary makers and animal campaigners? While we're on the subject of PETA does anyone know if they've ever campaigned any American politicians? or challenged the AVMA? No me neither that's why I've just emailed them to ask. I'll post their response when I receive it. After all declawing cats in my book is most certainly not ethical.

The point I'm trying to get across here is how many times do we have to hear these denials and ultimately all the usual excuses? especially when the truth is very much out there? What does it take for this horror to stop?


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The Cats of Claw Hill

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Apr 04, 2011 PETA
by: Ruth

I'm wondering if a concentrated email bombardment of PETA by a lot of us might make them take up the battle against declawing ?
But on the down side they are not a very well liked or respected organisation are they ?
I can't for the life of me think why all the animal welfare organisations are letting declawing happen.
I think Michael's protest with well over 400 people attending in July is going to be invaluable in bringing the cruelty of declawing to a lot of peoples notice, some probably don't even know it happens.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 03, 2011 Passionate comments
by: Leah (England)

Thanks everyone for your (as always) passionate comments. Lets face it de-clawing vets use the same excuses time and again. We've heard them all but sadly those who know no better (or choose to close their eyes to the pain to protect their couch) still think it must be ok because the vets say so.

I've come to believe that there are 2 types of people who declaw; those that are so stupid they know no better and those who do and just don't care.

Because of a medical condition I had to have all my cats cheek teeth removed but when my vet first mentioned it I was horrified because I KNOW he needs his teeth! Sadly it had to happen because of a virus that had attacked his gums. He was in a lot of pain but I researched it thoroughly. He is so much better now and has kept his canines and front incisors because the virus doesn't bother with these. But you see there's surgery for the animals benefit and surgery for the owners benefit but this type of surgery shouldn't be allowed under any circumstances. The only benefactors for this type are selfish lazy owners and money grabbing butchers masquerading as vets.

I have agree with you all especially that PETA could stamp this out in no time if they really wanted to, food for thought though; as Michael says they are quite rich I wonder why they have paid no attention to the AVMA and de-clawing vets?

BTW they sent me an automated email with various replies none of which related to my query. They said that they would reply in a couple of weeks if none of the pre-populated responses answered my question. Watch this space I can't wait.

Apr 02, 2011 Lying vets are rich vets
by: Maggie

Great article Leah! These vets all know the truth about declawing; they know it's cruel, they know it brings pain, they know the clawing is natural and essential behaviour, and they most certainly know that if declawing was banned they would lose big dollars! The vets are corrupt. Their passion for their medical profession died when they declawed their first cat.

Apr 01, 2011 You are right
by: Rose

You are right Leah,those vets know full well that what they do is wrong but money is their God.
They should be struck off and prosecuted and anyone assisting them in any way at all should be prosecuted too.
As for PETA etc,they pick and choose which animals are worthy to care about and that's very wrong as all animals deserve protection and to live their lives.

Apr 01, 2011 Well put
by: Barbara

A very good article, thank you Leah, there is so much casual cruelty in the world if you let yourself think about it too deeply it would drive you mad! I think anyone who is deliberately cruel to any animal, and I include vets who declaw in this, deserves the harshest punishment possible and if not through the law then through the "eye for an eye" system.

Barbara avatar

Apr 01, 2011 Claws
by: Ruth

A very good article Leah !
Like Michael says, why are the animal welfare organisations not doing anything to stop declawing ? They surely have the power to bring cat abusers to justice. So what that they have D.V.M after their names, they are equally as cruel as ordinary people who harm cats, if not even more cruel, because they know what they are doing is wrong. They can't use ignorance as their excuse.
They know cats need claws, yet they have for decades now deprived millions of them of those claws along with their toe ends, by their painful uneccessary surgery.
All for money !!
I have no respect at all, in fact I feel a deep hatred for, any vet who puts money before the welfare of his/her patient and who lies about the reason for abusing cats.
I have no respect either for animal welfare organisations who ignore the cruelty of declawing or who think killing feral cats is acceptable.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 01, 2011 PETA and HSUS
by: Michael

Thanks Leah for taking the time to keep fighting for cat welfare.

It is shocking that people can so comprehensively deceive themselves into believing that declawing is acceptable.

What is also shocking is that it is the well educated people who are living in a parallel universe of self-deception or plain lies.

And PETA and HSUS are very powerful and rich organisations. What the hell are they doing? ZIP. Or it feels like nothing. PETA are said to support the slaughter of feral cats. I think there are a lot of political decisions being made that we are unaware of. There are certainly no right, decent and long term decisions being made.

HSUS declared assets totaling $162 million! PETA had revenues of $35,851,917 in 2010!

They could hammer declawing and the vets who do it, yet it is down to us, Leah, Ruths etc. and The Paw Project to struggle with this.

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