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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel vs Flat-faced Persian Cat — 2 Comments

  1. Not a bad comparison at all! The commonality of course is that both breeds have been the victim of the same process : breeder ignorance spurred on by ill conceived standards of points and poor judge guidance (the latter who should be withholding extremes of type instead of awarding and encouraging them). Great example of the animal fancies only thinking of the outside phenotype all the time – genotype be damned!

    Will the cat breed find itself in the same situation? It already is. And the registries do nothing to deter would-be “breeders” who are for the most part young and ignorant of the issues, to join their ranks. Nor do they take their fancies by the scruff of the neck and drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century – where we should all be mindful of the interests of the sentient animals we are playing god with.

    Dog breeding may have been around longer than cat breeding, but cat breeders have demonstrated that they’re no slouch in stuffing up the breeds either. The breeds are littered with examples of ill-advised “betterment”.

    Pedigree dogs exposed was a masterpiece – Jemima Harrison should be given a knighthood for service in the interests of the animal. I CANNOT WAIT to see if a counterpart emerges in due time in the case of cats – presumably with the same blinkered philistine response from breeders and the fancies.

    I wrote about some similar things recently, for anyone interested :


    In the cat fancy people keep being reminded they mustn’t get over-serious “it’s just an enjoyable hobby”. One needs to be mindful that we are not collecting model aeroplanes – these are living, breathing, sentient beings who also have rights (or should have them). One of these is to be able to live life without pain and free of discomfort.

    Thanks for a most thought provoking discussion – we enjoy your writing.

    • Great comment. Hobby breeders often just don’t have the sensitives required to think more seriously about what they are doing.

      And I agree that cat breeders constantly striving to produce a ‘better’ looking cat throw common sense and ethics away. If they had common sense and ethics to throw away.

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