The Census – Stories of Pakistani Feral Cats and Kittens

Street cat Pakistan
Street cat Pakistan. Photo by Riaz ur Rehman khalid…The Pakistan government is not seriously interested in the welfare of its citizens and therefore cannot be interested in the welfare of the cats of Pakistan.
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By Ahsan ul Haq (Pakistan) — Caretaker of a Colony of Feral Cats

Cruelty is IGNORANCE (Ahsan ul Haq)

Pakistan came into being on the 14th of August 1947. We have seen 67 summers of the country. It has been 67 long years when our country was shown on the map of the world. We started from a very poor and faded country. We were poor because we had not received our due rights but we were not poor because we had no resources.

The British Empire ruled over us for more than 200 years. The story began in the era of Mughal empire JAHANGIR who allowed EAST INDIA COMPANY to trade with ancient HINDUSTAN. But this is all in the PAST. We are living in 2014 i.e the 21st century.

But with a sorrowful heart, we are still living within the bondage of pharaoh-like rulers. We are living as the children of Israel from the time of Jusef to MOSES. In other words, we are still living as prisoners from the era of one prince of Egypt to an other prince of Egypt. And in between this era, we are alike the children of Israel.

It is very strange and interesting fact that on the surface of the map of EARTH, there are two countries that are made in the name of religion. I mean they have strong ideologies. Emotionally and sentimentally they are religious countries and their practices are based strictly on their beliefs.

These two countries are Pakistan and Israel. Many will not believe what I am saying but if sincerely one will study the background and purpose of making of these countries, one will find me as a person speaking the TRUTH. Why should I lie in front of millions of users of internet? Nup!!! I will not. Israel is made for the Jews of all over the planet EARTH and Pakistan was supposed to be an Islamic state on the surface of EARTH and not to be a secular state. It should be in all meanings within Islam an Islamic state.

My Question…. Is Saudi Arabia an Islamic state? My answer: NO!

It is only the guardian of the Islamic holy places in one or any other way. But an Islamic state is a welfare state, It is not a state where everything starts from hand cuttings and ends with beheading humans. The first step is WELFARE.

Welfare has its broad scope in Islam. It starts from the human beings and ends to the tiny innocent creatures of Allah subhanahu. After the state has given enough resources to the humanity, then if anyone breaks the LAW, so one should be punished according to the Islamic LAW. The LAW should be equal for anyone, not only for the poor/rich/ordinary man but also for the Caliph/kings.

Are these countries following the sayings of Mohemmud the prophet (May Allah’s blessings be upon him, amen)? I say NO!!! What about the saying of the caliph Umer? He said if any single kitten is dead/killed in my reign, Allah will ask me for that? Why it so happened?

What about a story told by Mohemmud the prophet about a prostitute? When she saw a thirsty dog? She ran towards a near well and she found nothing to pour water and she just took off her sock and dipped it with water and ran back to the dog and let her sock to suck the dog to drink water through this way?

And what did Mohemmud the prophet say next? Perhaps no Moslim of today knows about that… He (PBUH) said, “Allah was so much pleased with that prostitute (woman) that he forgave every sin of her and entered the paradise when she died.” Of course the dog was a feral dog and not a household dog. On the other hand, What did Mohemmud the prophet say about a woman who tortured a cat till death, was she forgiven? No not at all, she was in burning hell after she died! These are a few examples of the welfare of cats/ dogs in Islam and sure about those who have been cruel to these innocent creatures of Allah.

Are we (so called) Moslems of Pakistan following the sayings of Mohemmud the prophet? Or we are just boldly denying him???? I am sure that we are opposing our prophet Mohemmud and still we want to remain Moslems because we are eager to enter in the paradise whether we follow the truth or we lie straight away.

So this is Islam of Pakistan. A country which came into being on the 27th fast day of the holy date of Ramazan. Thousands of sacrifices were made to build this country. We wanted our holy land in which Moslems should live within the sayings of Allah and Mohemmud the prophet. (If I am not wrong, the conclusions of the sayings of Allah and Mohemmud the prophet is called the ISLAM)

The orthodox Moslems became the most hatred people because they always remind the (so called) modern Moslems that Islam is basically the welfare religion and it hates torture.

The question is, how can a Moslem state carry out its welfare, where to start from???? The answer: start from THE CENSUS!!!

Without a census, no state can know about the resources and the disciplines of distribution of these resources amongst the population.

The following is the data of census in Pakistan:

  • First Census: year 1951
  • Second Census: year 1961
  • Third Census: year 1972 (1971 Census delayed due to war with India)
  • Fourth Census: year 1981
  • Fifth Census: year 1998 (delayed due to political issues and was decided to take place in 2008)
  • Sixth Census: year 2008 but was conducted 2012 and was not reliable. It was not seriously followed by the government of that time. REJECTED!!!

So, the country does even not know about the size of the population and the politicians are not serious about the matter.

Lets come back to the issue! … If a country is not interested in human welfare, so my question has a solid answer.

How can we know about the exact population of our FERAL CATS and DOGS???

If human beings in the country are left without welfare, so my question is… how can we do or even think about the welfare of cats in Pakistan? Yes! I agree that few people may do the welfare for these cats by their own and they can have support of few people inside or outside the country but over all if any Pakistani claim to say that “we can better handle our cats, and Mr. Michael! You don’t have to worry about them! And abusive words which have no sense or respect!” I will rudely answer to that person! You are a LIAR and you even not know the population of your own family members rather to claim about cats or kittens.

Michael has written an article on the “Feral cats of Pakistan” and I totally agree with Michael and disagree with every single country man of mine because the ground realities are bitter than what are being explained verbally and let me say that the response from a Pakistani person (mentioning no name) is a BLUFF response in the article and have only to cover the dark lie which can be observed in my daily life routine.

If we change ourselves, our attitude towards the cats of Pakistan, I am sure being a Pakistani will become much prouder than that what we are today so let us only speak the TRUTH and let this bitter TRUTH hang over our necks until we are not CHANGED. THANK YOU PAKISTAN!!!! L

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17 thoughts on “The Census – Stories of Pakistani Feral Cats and Kittens”

  1. A very interesting article thank you Ahsan! It must be so awful for a compassionate person living there. I don’t understand much about politics in your country, it’s hard enough grasping ours, but living peacefully sounds very difficult if not impossible there.
    I wish all the world over that people would respect each other and all animals, but it seems that will never happen.

    • Pakistan is known for political corruption. They even admit it. Of course it happens here too. It is hard to achieve much when the leaders are corrupt. Look at Africa for example. There was a article in the paper today about terrorism in Pakistan and Islamabad was mentioned. This is where Ahsan lives.

      Islamabad is 35 miles from where Osama bin Laden lived when he was shot by the US military 😉

      • I hadn’t given much thought about Pakistan until Ahsan joined us at PoC, we can certainly learn a lot by his articles.

        • Thank you Ruth <3

          Actually I think a lot about my surroundings and specially cats and those tiny kittens who walk aside the streets with their tails high and bent from the end. I see them walking one step behind their mom cats but very close. I see mom cats hissing to them when they go near any car, bike or human. I see the beauty of nature all around me.


          I also see the dark side which is much higher in its capacity here. I see dead bodies of cats. I take dead kittens in my hands and bury them myself in grave, covering them in shopping bags (after they die). I see law people poisoning the cats. I see children and old men hitting cats in heads with heavy sticks. I see people intentionally driving cars over the cats and kittens. smashed heads, bodies with all intestines out of the stomach area. This is what I see in routine. Dogs eating cats. Specially imported from one area to eat cats of the other area.

          1. Tahir ul Qadri
          2. Imran Khan
          3. Nawaz Shareef
          4. Shahbaz Shareef

          these are politicians NOT leaders.
          They are FANTASTIC 4 in my eyes. I view them as F4. When politicians have no interest in state matters, how can I consider that there will be welfare of humanity and peace.
          Then at the end comes the poor fellows i.e. cats and kittens who are thought to be smell like hell and are not clean creatures of Allah.

          Ruth! I will write more and more related to my country cats on PoC if it is not bad for Michael (the admin) because some times TRUTH is not digested by authorities because they know the person is honest and is not gonna stop. 😉 God bless you and thank you sister <3

          • Ahsan you can write as much as you like about Pakistan’s cats. I love it. Tell the truth as you always do.

            You write this:

            Specially imported from one area to eat cats of the other area.

            Are you saying people in Pakistan eat cats as they do in parts of China?

            Is it possible to interview someone who you know kills cats and ask them why they do it?

            • No No Michael
              Pakistani people do not eat cats, they know it well that it is HARAM (forbidden in ISLAM).

              I meant to say that the feral dogs are spread all over the area in which the cat and kittens population is in increase. So that these feral dogs may hunt cats and kittens as their feast.

              This is done intentionally. It is not in nature that feral dogs colony sense that the cats are in any specific area.

              Some times I see a man feeding pure 8 KG chickens (my estimate as I have spy that man on daily basis) to the dog and then change the spot of feeding them 25 Meters everyday and let them all enter into the cats area. as shown in the picture below to illustrate you easily 🙁

              Note: Every AREA described in the map by me, is one square KM area i.e. one sector of Islamabad population Area.

            • Michael says:
              “Is it possible to interview someone who you know kills cats and ask them why they do it?”

              Nothing is impossible Michael, I am trying my best but I am not successful in doing this because when I ask them why are you killing cats? (they know it well that there is something behind my question) They become rude with me because I am well known for the cats love and specially feral cats.

              It can cause me harm and my wife, in response I can break his bone easily, because I am a fully equiped martial arts master, every thing is weapon for me, but It seems stupid when we have a lot of power and we harm an idiot who is even not worth of slap our face. A*sholes live here but sooner or later you will see that these folks will be calling me to pick the cats from their area and let the rats be their fellows. 😉 I promise, I will try my best.

              Humanity in its all mean is greater than animals in all ways, but we don’t need to break the LAW of any country, if the LAW speaks in this way that human being is superior than animals, and there is no any LAW for animals, we don’t have to go for a trouble for ourself, It does not mean that we are cowards, it means that we have to be wise enough to tackle the bullsh*t situation and As*holes of these (special) kinds.


              • I get the message. I don’t want you to be hurt just because you ask someone a question. I want to know what is the head of these people. The question is not meant to be a challenge to them or a criticism. It is purely scientific. A study if you like.

                What I’d love is for you to interview them on video! 😉 but….that would appear to be far too dangerous so please don’t do it. Don’t get hurt whatever you do. We don’t want to lose you.

  2. Dear Ahsan Ul Haq as a Indian citizen its nice coming into contact with a normal Pakistani citizen involved in the welfare of cats and not “POLITICS”. Both our Country’s are at loggerheads, most recently being the “Cross Border” tension on the “L.O.C” in Kashmir. Honestly, i might get into trouble in my Country for just communicating with you in Pakistan through “P.O.C” as such is the mistrust and suspicion between the two neighbours, one born out of a religious fervour and the other acceding from the British Empire.The recent Nobel Peace prize shared between a Pakistani citizen and a Indian Citizen should be a pointer towards peace between the two neighbours as the World wants the same. Both are “NUCLEAR POWERS” and hence a tinderbox in World Politics.Why can’t there be “PEACE” and the same money spent on “ARMS RACE” be spent on “ECONOMIC PROSPERITY”. I have toured most of the World and still travelling. Whenever i return back home to India after a foreign tour it makes me wonder as to the reasons for the wide disparity between “WEALTH” and “POVERTY” in India.My own city Mumbai has some of the World’s wealthiest citizens as well as some of the World’s poorest citizens living within a few kilometers or meters of each other.The same cannot be said of London, Paris or Singapore.Hope our Governments realize that “WEALTH CREATION” is the ultimate solution to all the problems and not religion.Regarding cats, i personally feel the feral and stray cats of India are much well-off then their brethren in First World country’s like the U.S.A and Europe. At least they are not “EUTHANIZED” in India.

    • My respected friend/ neighbor country man <3

      Thank you for your comments, I am personally in favor of TRADE between two countries and I believe that PUBLIC has equal sentiments/ hearts and feelings of love n care to each other but the POLITICIANS (ACTUAL FERAL) have a different interest patterns. 🙁

      L.O.C, atomic states, enemies, Political differences never made us far far away. We always stayed CLOSED to each other. I mean the PUBLIC.

      But my Brother! I disagree with feral cats attitude of INDIA being treating them fairly enough which covers the broaden aspect of WELFARE. WHY? because INDIA and PAKISTAN are not different, not different attitude, region, even they are extremists in religions. I mean HINDUS are real HINDUS they are not like people of WEST and yes very rare like you and me. only 0.001% from the whole population. Because This was Sub-continent before being INDIA and PAKISTAN.

      What is the difference between my skin and yours?
      What is the difference between your CHAPATI and my ROTI?
      I don't like meat as it seems I am eating my self, do you like steak and bar B Q?

      My brother! we are one and let us be one in the race of humanity and I am open minded and Broad hearted spiritual man (CHISHTI creed os spiritual line of Islam) KHAWAJA AJMAIR KI NAGRI WALA <3

      I see INDIA and PAKISTAN with the same EYE of mine until any bigger change not happen and we become the tycoons of the EAST.

      I don't wish to BREAK/ destroy INDIA because a POWERFUL INDIA is the best for the survival of POWERFUL PAKISTAN. I need an equal competitor to fight in the RING. I don't fight with children. WWW RAW, one must win, one must loose but for the time being but one should never die in the RING of wrestling world or it will make other to MOURN for the rest of his life and his career will just END.

      Brother Rudolph! please stop laughing if I tell a TRUTH in front of PUBLIC, this is my nature, TRUTH is TRUTH and LIE is LIE. I will never cover the TRUTH behind thousand LIES.

      Respect you more than before today and Allah give you longest, happiest, healthiest life ever, ameen <3 love your comments and have a lovely feeling for you in spirit with all kind prayers <3 <3 <3

    • I love your comment Rudolph. It covers a lot of ground and really nicely. It is fascinating that we can justifiably say that feral cats in India are better off than feral cats in the USA. The attitude towards feral cats is very different in these countries.

      I wonder though as India becomes more wealthy and more Westernised if your attitude towards street cats will become less tolerant?

      The differences between Pakistan and India have mystified me because you used to be the same country as I remember.

    • Thank you DEE sister

      as I know, I will GO ON for the sake of my babies whether in the HELL or in the PARADISE. Both are equal for me now <3 loved your intellectual comments <3

      • I’m not brainy, Ahsan. And, I hate that I may come off like that. Sorry. I came from a family that demanded perfection and brilliance.
        I speak from the heart, like all of us.

  3. I read this carefully. I admire your straightforward honesty about Pakistan. As you say some Pakistanis will defend Pakistan’s attitude towards animal welfare. However, you can’t improve something is you deny it is no good.

    It is like alcoholism. You have to admit to being an alcoholic before you can start to change.

    This is a piece I wrote about Pakistan animal welfare law. I wrote it about 5 years and nothing has changed.

    • I wrote this article with tears in my eyes.

      If a man like me knows how much cats I have in my colony and what is happening in my colony cats? so I hope that trillions of dollars from IMF and World Bank are to be scrutinized by the western people because these are the funds of western public taxes and are given for GHOST PROJECTS in PAKISTAN.

      I damn don’t care what happens to me but I may know the TRUTH and please PAKISTAN start tolerating the TRUTH in 21st century. Please make a change and let WEST know that we are also honest people. 🙁

      DIRTY PAKIS label will stand RIGHT unless we do not change our attitude towards many issues.

      I have seen PINKY today, some one has hurt her nose. She came to me and cried.

      I face daily to my cats what they do but without a solid LAW and practical LAW, there is no way to avoid any cruelty (low or high). And tomorrow I will start my project building a terrace for my cats.

      Michael I am sad, sorry but TRUTH is TRUTH 🙁

      thank you for publishing the article. I will collect more facts. And thank you for adding the photo as I did not have any idea which picture to share. <3


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