The Circus Came to Town – a poem by Dee

The Circus Came to Town. Photo of big top
The Circus Came to Town. Photo by Marja van Bochove
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The lights, the signs, the tents, the price
All meant to lure us and entice.
We watch those beautiful animals cringe
when the whip is cracked
and they feel unhinge.

They dare not show what they really feel
lest they risk not getting a meal.
What we see has nothing to do
with what is happening behind this rouse.

Those beautiful beasts who once were king
and ruled the jungle and all living things
have now been reduced to a cowardly lot
Caged, abused, and likely to rot.

They bear the scars of being beaten
Heaven knows when they’ve last eaten
They live in a hell where they have no choice
It’s up to us to be their voice.

Post your own signs aside of theirs
Take their power
and don’t give a care

It’s not good enough to just stand around
And let the circus come to town.

14 thoughts on “The Circus Came to Town – a poem by Dee”

  1. That’s a beautiful and touching poem Dee.

    Those wild animals endure miserable lives and it’s a crime that in the 21st century we still allow circuses to exploit them in this way. The trouble is until the public boycott them, they will continue to exist.


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