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The common mistakes pet owners make according to veterinarians — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with you , Michael. My furbabies don’t go outside at all. When I first managed to get my 3 deaf ferals inside- 2 were kittens and 1 was 5 years old, I was more interested in convincing them I was harmless. The 5 year old was a TNR, so I didn’t have to worry about spraying. He walked into the house on his own after I accidentally on purpose left the back door open. All the other kitties were in other rooms with the doors closed. The two kittens were born under my house. There were 2 moms and they avoided any and all efforts at trapping. Thor and Thomasina found their way back to my house after being gone for weeks. They also came in. All were taken to the vet’s for a thorough checkup, xrays, blood tests and anything else I could think of. They also had their first shots. Joy came to me via a friend who was selling his house and couldn’t find a good home. She also is deaf. She is the only one who hasn’t seen my vet, but she came after being spayed, chipped and having all tests. Howie and Kutawnnie were abused and they came to me via the vet’s. I don’t feel that they need to get shots or undergo the trauma of being put in carriers and driven 30 miles to the cat vet unless they are ill. Also if I tried to put my fingers in any of their tiny mouths, I would be minus some fingers. I don’t use a toothbrush, I use a piece of gauze around my finger. I put a smidgen of broth on the gauze and have been able to do teeth that way. However NOT with this bunch. They all get the best cat food I can find, both dry and canned. They are fed separately twice a day, and their weight is excellent, their coats are gorgeous, and their nails are taken care of by the cats themselves. They have rugs and scratching posts and cat trees to do their manicures and pedicures. For some reason, they usually leave the furniture alone, thank you very much. There are times we all need to see the doctor, but I don’t think they need to go as often as the doctors say.

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