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The crime of extortion and wandering cats — 5 Comments

  1. Pet extortions most common form is to get information from the flyer most of us would put up if we lost them. Scammers use that information to give many pet owners false hope. Actually kidnapping a pet seems to be much more rare and is more common in domestic disputes over who has a right to maintain custody of the family pet.
    This case sounds like the acquaintance knew the numbers in a bank account. The amount makes it a felony. Many states also have laws that specifically protect seniors.

    • Hmmm…as a retiree, and Social Security not to kick in for another year or two (if ever), I don’t have that much in the bank. If I still had a cat, and someone demanded that much for its return, I’m afraid kitty would be out of luck.

      And, unless such stories be accepted as “typical”, the majority of Americans subsist on no more than I do, working or not. I don’t see cat ransoming as a growth industry in these hard times. Hunting them for bounties perhaps might be more likely.

      Nice to meet you, Mind Control.

      This is me:

      David Hall.

      • Your comment just complies with comment rules the fact that you like to kill cats. I’ll let it go in the interests of free speech but photos should be uploaded to the comment not linked.

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