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The day I fought with my vet over the size of my cat’s penis — 6 Comments

  1. Michael, I can relate to your feelings on this subject. I am a woman and had the same feelings about neutering the kitten I raised. There is something different about adopting and raising a kitten compared to a cat. The kitten is always your baby and, like any parent of a baby, you are very protective. I waited until he was ten months old, giving him time to grow into his “maleness.” I hated to see his precious body cut and changed. It was part of him and I loved every inch of him. I took a few pictures pre-neuter to remember my boy as he was born. Alternatively, I didn’t hesitate to spay an adult female feral cat I took in, especially after experiencing her going into heat and being very hard to live with. Of course, I would never want her to have kittens and better for her health and my household she be spayed. But with the male kitten, this is your kitten/baby and you are taking away the symbols of his maleness and reminded of it everytime he turns around. Maybe if I’d waited too long and he began some unwanted spraying, for example, I’d feel more relief than sad to have to neuter him. I am sure most people don’t get how I (and you?) feel. He’s almost three now and still my baby.

  2. I knew spaying and neutering causes a degree of neoteny, and I’ve always wanted my cats to grow up to be physically AND emotionally healthy adults as much as possible. I know it’s a little trade off, but I didn’t know (based on timing) that it could have a high degree of impact. That’s interesting and could answer why some cats have a degree of difficulty socializing with each other, in a mature (non mating obsessed) adult way. Very interesting.

  3. personally, i was more than ready to have our 4 fosters(3 are male btw)neutered/spayed asap, but it was my GF that delayed(and SHE is a woman). i think men that ALREADY have issues will project them, & if they find that THAT is the case they need to sit down with someone & talk about it…just not their vet. 🙂

  4. Guess many men feel that way. I know my husband felt the same way, God rest his soul. And at first I couldn’t understand the attitude. Over the years, I realized what the reasons were. Just have to deal with men gently.

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