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The deadly price to cats and dogs of the Olympic Games — 11 Comments

  1. I’d far rather watch animals than Olympic games, billions of pounds squandered and animal lives obliterated for sport, disgusting.

  2. i just think its just so wrong. Just for people to watch the games. i dont think ill watch it this year. I love the look of pedigree if i could have one, id have a maine coon but its just unrealistic when so many animals go to rescue shelters etc. im sure my kitty ozzie got some burmese in him as his back legs look different.

  3. This is a no brainer for me.
    They’re GAMES for for god’s sake!
    I wonder why the evil, almighty PETA isn’t on top of this.
    Gee, since their appearance is so important to them, I wonder what they’re doing with their homeless people. Probably shooting them.

  4. Yes Michael, shame on them!
    It’s terrible that animals lives are considered of less importance than stupid games where people get praised for doing what they enjoy.
    What is wrong with some people that they can’t live and let live!
    Well they will find out too late, when they have destroyed every other living creature in this world unless, hopefully, the human race is wiped out first.

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