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The death, by dogs, of my neighbor’s cat should have been avoided — 2 Comments

  1. So sad that Callie could have lived a much better life in a loving home, and not died a torturous death. Sending love to the Rainbow Bridge, Callie. 😱😭💜💜🗝️🐾

  2. I had my idiot SILs dogs rip a cat in half in front of me that they snatched off my front porch right next to me. I was told by numerous dog lovers that this is normal behavior for dogs. AC seemed to pretty much agree. I consider dogs brutes to be avoided and they are not allowed on my property. I avoid contact with them whenever possible. Dogs will also bite main and kill humans and other dogs along with killing small livestock and chasing them. They are also extremely noisy and it seems the new thought is that barking 24/7 is natural behavior.
    Dogs are a man made creature. Evidence that man should keep their hand out of creation and evolution. I”m sure some dog lovers are seething.
    Of course the cat should have been inside or an enclosure. But I refuse to give on the point that it’s somehow natural for any animal to maul to death another one.

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