The death, by dogs, of my neighbor’s cat should have been avoided

Intro: this story is about keeping cats inside the home while making the home stimulating for inside cats.

Dogs killed cat
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My neighbors had a very street savvy kitty who always wanted to be outside. Callie would make her rounds to all her neighborhood friends and be back by 9:30 to be let in. Unfortunately my neighbors would visit family an hour away leaving her outside and not call her in. I would feed her.

She started coming to me every night so I could go knock on their door to let her in. And when their daughter went out of town they just seemed to leave Callie girl to her own devices. She was bitten by a snake on the nose, attacked by something and I paid those vet bills. Everything together made me contact Animal Control. They were coming Wednesday.

Monday evening I received a call from my neighbor that Callie was taken to the emergency vet and had passed away. She used to follow us as we walked our dogs and my pup loved her so I think she thought all dogs were okay. She got into a fenced in area with 3 dogs and another neighbor heard her screaming. She went to see what was happening and literally had to take my sweet Callie out of the dog’s mouth.

They rushed her to the ER vet but the damage to her little body was too much. These dogs were not new to the neighborhood. I don’t know why or how she ended up in their yard but but obviously the threat was always there.
You just never know.

It is my opinion that cats can be perfectly happy inside provided with toys, stimulation, cat towers, perches, window lookouts, etc.

Callie had none of this at her house which is probably part of the reason she wanted to be outside. I was truly surprised because I was more worried about the speeding cars.

I volunteer now to trap and reunite escapees and have not had a single one try to go back out after they’ve been found.
My Bella was a stray. We can leave the door open and she will just sit there not trying to leave. They also have a whole box of toys, other toys hanging throughout the house, window perches, cat towers and they’re played with often.
If they’re given the stimulation they need inside, they don’t look for it elsewhere.

I know my opinion differs from others but I will not adopt out one of my rescues to anyone if they do not plan to keep them indoor only and make sure they’re happy while doing so.

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2 thoughts on “The death, by dogs, of my neighbor’s cat should have been avoided”

  1. So sad that Callie could have lived a much better life in a loving home, and not died a torturous death. Sending love to the Rainbow Bridge, Callie. ?????️?

  2. I had my idiot SILs dogs rip a cat in half in front of me that they snatched off my front porch right next to me. I was told by numerous dog lovers that this is normal behavior for dogs. AC seemed to pretty much agree. I consider dogs brutes to be avoided and they are not allowed on my property. I avoid contact with them whenever possible. Dogs will also bite main and kill humans and other dogs along with killing small livestock and chasing them. They are also extremely noisy and it seems the new thought is that barking 24/7 is natural behavior.
    Dogs are a man made creature. Evidence that man should keep their hand out of creation and evolution. I”m sure some dog lovers are seething.
    Of course the cat should have been inside or an enclosure. But I refuse to give on the point that it’s somehow natural for any animal to maul to death another one.

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