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Poster by Ruth

I was astonished to be informed that a new Facebook group had started with the title ’Declawing is not Cruel’. Their info page contains these words:

‘This is a group for all of those who understand the REAL truth about declawing, and not all the propaganda spouting from the mouths of fanatics and their ignorant followers.’

I’m afraid that they are the ones who don’t know the REAL truth about the cruelty of declawing or understand that far from being fanatics, we are simply cat lovers who have done much research on declawing and that they who condone the suffering of many cats are the ignorant ones, not us.

It says it all that the group only has 81 members, a far cry from the thousands of members of the facebook anti declaw groups.

Of those 81 members I think quite a few will be anti declaw people who have had to join to express their views.

The pro declaws dismiss on that group all the evidence that shows how painful and disabling declawing is and how many cats suffer dreadful consequences from it.

They dismiss the fact that Rescue Shelters have thousands of declawed cats relinquished to them for behavioural problems, that declawing does not save cats homes, that in fact it does just the opposite. They obviously have done no research so don’t know that thousands more declawed cats are killed at kill shelters or caged for life at no kill shelters, that because of problems from declawing many cats are unrehomable

They talk about their very important expensive furniture cats ‘shred’ yet I saw no mention of providing the cats with the scratching posts or pads they need !

They talk about cats being untrainable. Strange that seeing as many of us find our cats easily trainable to scratching posts. All it takes is time and patience.

There is no such creature as an untrainable cat.

There is no such creature as a bad cat, but there are bad cat caretakers who know very little about cats needs !

A comment on the page says that cats are happier without their claws, that they can and do scratch anywhere they want to. This person ignores the fact that the poor creatures are desperately trying to do what comes natural to them, that they need to scratch to stay healthy. That one day the chances are the cat will develop calluses from trying to scratch for the much exercise of digging in their claws to stretch their muscles to keep them strong and healthy!

They have either ignored or dismiss the X Ray proof given by eminent vets that declawing often causes painful arthritis and deformity in cats as they age.

I can’t see anywhere on that group that mentions how declawing is banned in many countries and some Californian Cities, as animal abuse.

I can’t see anywhere either that mentions declawing is supposed to be a last resort and that vets who encourage the declawing of kittens not only ignore the AVMA policy but break their oath to cause no animal to suffer.

I must admit though I haven’t looked too closely as reading the biased reasoning on there from supposed cat lovers is enough to make any TRUE cat lover’s blood run cold !

Go to the Facebook group Declawing is Not Cruel – this link is broken at 2012! Maybe they gave in.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Apr 14, 2012 Not cruel? NEW
by: Anonymous

If declawing isn’t cruel then I don’t want to hear another woman cry about need a breast removed to save her life. After a certain age they are not necessary and in this case it’s to SAVE YOUR LIFE not to save YOUR FURNISHINGS!!! Good god almighty there are ignorant people willing to fight anything to defend their own ignorance.

Apr 14, 2012 Not cruel? NEW
by: Anonymous

If declawing isn’t cruel then I don’t want to hear another woman cry about need a breast removed to save her life. After a certain age they are not necessary and in this case it’s to SAVE YOUR LIFE not to save YOUR FURNISHINGS!!! Good god almighty there are ignorant people willing to fight anything to defend their own ignorance.

Apr 11, 2012 Not so many now NEW
by: Ruth

The group has reared its ugly head again but only has 20 members now!
The same old names are still professing that declawing isn’t cruel!

Some sad news is that Mushu who is pictured in the poster here died of cancer, it’s heartbreaking that his short life was ruined by someone who had him mutilated then dumped him.
Susan rescued him from death row and loved and cared for him, but she couldn’t give him his toe ends back.
R.I.P Mushu we will not forget you and will fight on until declawing is banned worldwide x

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Sep 19, 2011 Enraged!!!
by: Leah

I was enraged when I went on this page especially when they talked about a kitten that had just been de-clawed about how she peacefully curled up after the surgery!! Its as if she actually came to be at peace because she had been de-clawed and before that moment she was in torment! More like she was either under the anaesthetic or completely traumatised!!!

For Gods sake who the hell are these people? Well I’ll tell you!! ‘their offices are the homes of vets and people all across America’!! Well that explains a lot doesn’t it!!!

If you go under the groups details you can report them. This is difficult I know because there are no animal abuse options as yet. I’ve reported it under graphic violence which I personally think it is – violence towards innocent animals!! Sicko’s!!

Sep 16, 2011 They KNOW it’s cruel alright
by: Ted

Why call the group Declawing Is Not Cruel then write this:
“It doesn’t need to have any benefit for the cat. The human matters more. Humans have and always will matter more”

They DO know it’s cruel but they don’t give a damn.

Sep 16, 2011 Rubbish on their group
by: Anonymous

What rubbish is written on their group!
It is a shame they don’t visit PoC for some education.
I wish they would because for every argument they make we can knock them down.
What cowards to use their power over innocent animals.
What big heads to say people matter more than cats.
Started in 2008, a puny 82 members …..why don’t they just admit they are fighting a losing battle.

Sep 15, 2011 Pro-declawers are uninformed
by: Michele S.

It’s funny how often pro-declawers like to label those opposed to it as “fanatics”. Does that mean that vets in 36 countries are fanatics? If so, they’re my kind of fanatic.

Their comments clearly show that they view cats as little more than accessories at their mercy. (Sadly mercy is a quality these people seem to lack). They’re probably the same people I’ve read about who dump cats at shelters because they don’t match the new carpet or sofa.

I think it says a lot that many of these pro-declaw groups have so few members in comparison to anti-declaw ones. When you consider the number of people they can access via the internet, not many people seem to support their views. Quite rightly so.

Sep 15, 2011 A great poster and essay, Ruth.
by: Sylvia Ann

But there is no way to reach these cases. Unless they’re into social work or psychiatry, civilized folks conserve their strength by keeping a distance from sociopaths, lifelong alcoholics & druggies, career criminals, and losers with nothing better to do than sit on the Net and blat about how they favor declawing. They’re granite inside. A jackhammer couldn’t loosen a chip from their worldview.

Declawing will be banned in this country sooner or later. It can’t continue when people with any semblance of heart and intelligence understand what it is.

Thank you for another fine effort in spreading the word about this atrocity.

Sep 15, 2011 A suggestion
by: Fran

May I suggest to the people in that group they change the name from ‘Declawing Is Not Cruel’ to ‘Declawing Is Cruel But We Don’t Care’

Sep 15, 2011 Declawing IS cruel
by: Vet tech

Declawing is major surgery entailing TEN amputations.
It leaves the cat shocked, bewildered and in great pain.
If that is not cruel then pray tell me what is?

Sep 15, 2011 Not new
by: Anonymous

Ruth the group isn’t new,it started in 2008.
Says it all they have so few members while our anti declaw groups are bursting at the seams with new people joining every day.

Sep 15, 2011 NOT cat lovers
by: F W

Oh they may protest all they like but they are NOT cat lovers in that group.
I posted 2 very graphic PoC articles on there and surprise surprise they were both removed.
Now why is that?
Could it be because they tell the truth?

Well I’ve posted this link too,let them come here and justify their acceptance of a procedure which is banned in 39 countries so far as animal abuse.

There is NEVER justification for declawing,it is the easy and lazy way out and we in countries where it is banned find it very simple to train our cats to the scratching materials they NEED.
The people in that group need to either do the same or simply NOT to get a cat!

Sep 15, 2011 SHAMEFUL
by: Anonymous

Hang your heads in shame you declawing is not cruel people!
Facebook should close down that group and bar the lot of you.

Sep 15, 2011 Charming
by: CJ

So they do know how cruel it is but don’t give a damn!
Charming people!

Sep 15, 2011 Shocked at this
by: Ruth

On the Declawing is not Cruel wall yesterday:

“It doesn’t need to have any benefit for the cat. The human matters more. Humans have and always will matter more”

There we have it, how very selfish is that !
People like that should never be allowed within a mile of any cat.

Sep 14, 2011 AWESOME poster
by: Mrs M

Ruth your posters don’t need articles.
This one is AWESOME.
I didn’t think they could get any better but you always amaze me!

Sep 14, 2011 Not cruel????????
by: Anonymous

How can they say declawing is not cruel?

How much more evidence do they need?

Good work exposing those heartless humans Ruth.

I hope someone posts this on their wall.

Sep 13, 2011 Briiliant
by: OJ

Way to go Ruth!
BRILLIANT blog and poster.
What sort of mentality reckons it’s not cruel to deprive a cat of its claws.
Are they for real?

Sep 12, 2011 BRAVA!
by: Jan

Oh Ruth! As Long as I have been on Facebook I have not seen this appalling group! You GO GIRL! The REALITY of declawing needs to reach EVERYONE!AMPUTATION should only ever be considered for one reason! To save a life! I would hardly classify this procedure as an ELECTIVE! Anyone electing to cause this horrific procedure to be performed on their cats is ,in my opinion,not an animal lover and certainly not doing it for the BENEFIT OF THE CAT!!! I’m quite certain that everyone here is behind you 100%!!!!!!!!! My hats off to you Lady!!!

Sep 12, 2011 Ignorance is bliss!
by: Maggie

The group description needs to be changed to “This group is for all of those who know declawing is cruel, but don’t want to live with the fact that they’ve mutilated their cat, and put him or her through unbelievable agony. We are a support group for those who want to stay ignorant. Because, as they say, ignorance is bliss!”

Great article and poster Ruth. Now, who wants to be the one to post this article on the ‘Declawing is not cruel’ Facebook group’s wall? I would love to see what lengths they’re willing to go to in order to defend the convenience of ignorance!

Sep 12, 2011 Blind leading the blind…
by: Kelly

Thank you for this Ruth! Puts it out there where it belongs. I have accepted the fact that the DINC group are really just young , uninformed people who have believed every word that vets they know have told them ( or not told them) regarding onychectomy.

After going to this site to give them the turth about the procedure, I was booted. I do believe that my post on their discussion boards entitled “List 5 benefits of declawing” threw them a little. I actually managed to get one of them to straight out admit they dont care about how the cat feels..its THEIR choice to declaw or not. Several of them claim they “work” for vets, even a few say they are technicians, and yet they say they have NEVER seen a cat hemorrhage post-op or wake up flailing in pain. Funny…having been a Tech for over 20 years I have seen it numerous times…too many to count. I have also seen nail regrowth ( which is excruciating) bone left behind from the procedures being done improperly, hemorrhage, massive infection that required further amputation, and 4th degree laser burns.

To say that you have worked for any vet that declaws for more than a month and have NOT seen any of this, you are either blind, lying through your teeth….or you simply do not care.

They also like to compare spay/neuter, which has several benefits for the animal, to onychectomy. While I agree that it is surgery and is painful, it is nowhere NEAR the degree of declawing. And while spay/neuter prevents unwanted pregnancy, thus reducing the number of animals being euthanized ( 784 every hour in the US),and decreases risks of certain forms of cancer while eliminating the risk of others, eliminates the risk of pyometra infection in females, declawing does NOTHING beneficial. It certainly does absolutely nothing to keep cats out of shelters as over 70% of those in shelters nationwide are declawed.

As for pain management, while spay/neuter requires a pre-and post-operative pain injection and short term pain management at home (24-48 hours), declawing requires nerve blocks of bupivocaine in each paw, fentanyl patches applied pre-op, pre-and post-op injections and up to 2 weeks of pain management at home. The pain is so extensive, that new pain management drugs and protocols are tested on declawed cats.

Although the AVMA refuses to admit that there is , in fact, research proving that onychectomy ( and tendenectomy) is detrimental and has long term effects, their stance is that the client should be educated thouroughly about declawing,howvever, vets very rarely do so. Instead they cover up the truth and sell declaw like you sell products at the store….2 for 1.

There has been a drastic decline in ethics in this country for a very long time. it sickens me however that my chosen profession, one I have dedicated much of my life to, would stoop to such means of acquiring the almighty dollar.

Sep 12, 2011 Education is key to prevention
by: Anonymous

Having worked at a veterinary clinic for cats for over a year I can definitely tell you it is absolutely heart-breaking to see a cat wake up traumatized and covered in bandages after a declawing operation. The vet I worked for was very much against the procedure. She would even replace the razor she used to cut through the cat’s fingers more often than necessary to ensure a clean cut..thus reducing as much possible pain and encouraging better healing.

Anyway, it blows my mind that this practice is legal here in North America, when it is illegal or practically unheard of in most European countries.

I remember trying to convince this young woman not to get her young cat declawed, but instead she was too impatient to even consider what I was saying. It takes very little effort to encourage your cat (especially at a young age) to use a scratch post. But she didn’t want to even hear me out. When she picked up her cat after the procedure, I informed her of the necessary precautions and ‘instructions’ to follow for a cat post-surgery and she seemed so overwhelmed at how much work this consisted of.. like she regretted even getting the operation done.

Anyway, it saddens me that people don’t think twice about this procedure. I do strongly believe that educating people about this surgery is key to preventing it from happening. When I tell most people the equivalency of what declawing does to a cat (removing the first joint off a person’s finger) they are often appalled. Education is key!

Sep 12, 2011 Sorry
by: Michael

Sorry I was a bit slow getting your poster on the page. I missed the email. I get too many. Thanks for the article. Maybe the pro-declaw people are getting a bit rattled by the amount of publicity the decent people are getting, the anti-declaw people.

Sep 12, 2011 Bunch of losers!
by: Petra Stephenson

What a bunch of big fat snivelling, self righteous cowards! How on earth can anyone justify de-knuckling cats let alone have the nerve to start a group to promote their cruel and abusive actions? The whole lot of them should be arrested and shipped to a theatre and lined up to have their finger ends surgically removed, one by one with minimum aftercare just as they have inflicted on their own cats. They disgust me, whining on about furniture and about the naughty pussy cats scratching them with their claws, what the hell do they expect when they get themselves a cat? Are their skins and sofas so precious that cats have to be mutilated to save them from harm? The stupid, arrogant, ignorant,cruel,lily-livered fools make me puke!

Sep 12, 2011 a short message for that group
by: Anonymous

Hey furniture lovers have you not heard of scratching posts for your cats???????????????????

Sep 12, 2011 Ignorant people
by: Rose

Thanks Ruth for exposing that group of ignorant people who pretend they love cats.
NO ONE can call themself a cat lover if they agree with the amputation of the cats 10(or even 18 at times)precious and much needed toe ends.
I hope someone will post this on their pitiful and ridiculous facebook page and the members who think the abuse of cats this way is not cruel will hang their heads in shame.
I despise furniture worshippers.

Sep 12, 2011 Ignorance is Bliss?
by: Jo Singer

I had to visit the site several times, because I just could not believe the ignorance and misinformation that is being spread on the site.

When I read “furniture is EXPENSIVE” I nearly fell off my chair! I wanted to throttle the person who wrote that, especially when they proclaim to be a group who love their cats. Well, perhaps for some folks furniture is far more “dear” to them than the well being of their kitties, their health, their emotional state. I guess if their children soil their furniture they will put them up for adoption?

How can anyone that professes to love cats place their furniture ahead of the humane and compassionate handling of their “beloved” kitties? Will someone please explain this to me?? I am totally in the dark.

But they COULD contribute instead of destroy, by adopting cats that have already been declawed. There are many of them out there that need loving homes.. oh.. I remember…. most of the cats that have been surrendered for adoption are showing “behavioral issues” caused by the surgery. So those owners who declawed their cats in hopes that this violent procedure would save their precious property from destruction, now abandon them, not caring what lies ahead for them.. the majority of the time, euthanasia.

It just is sickening, Ruth. Thanks for this article. Perhaps someone considering having their cats permanently maimed will think twice.

So “ignorance is bliss” may apply to the members of that group, but it sure isn’t bliss for their cats.

Sep 12, 2011 Poster to follow
by: Ruth

Poster to follow Jane, Michael has it but it must have got missed off somehow.
When it’s on I’m going to post this article on every anti declaw group on facebook and hopefully someone from the Declawing is not Cruel group will see it too.
I can’t bring myself to join it even to do that !

I still can hardly believe the ignorance of the people joining that cruel group.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Sep 12, 2011 Disgusting
by: Jane

No poster this time Ruth?
How disgusting those people feel the need to advertise that they don’t think the cruellest most painful surgery a cat can suffer is in their opinion not at all cruel.
What sort of mentality must a person have to dredge up reasons to support their inhumanity.
I did have a look at the group from the link but the rubbish spouted on there sickened me.
One bit I read said that people in countries where it is banned are against it without seeing a declawed cat so how do they know.
I wonder why they think it’s banned????????????
Their ignorance and lack of knowledge astounds me!

Sep 12, 2011 Ingorance and arrogance
by: Barbara

81 people either think declawing is not cruel or are there to observe what these misguided people use for reasons to mutilate their cats, put against the thousands of people who have pledged themselves against declawing it’s nothing, but how terrible to think that people would actually start a group so that they could agree amongst themselves that amputating a cat’s toes is not cruel and is in fact desirable, even to the cat. What crazy logic makes them think that a cat born with claws is happier without them?
Speaking for myself, and I freely admit that I think anyone who declaws a cat is on a par with the devil himself, I would die of shame if I was part of a group promoting such cruelty, you might as well have a facebook group for people who like to pull the wings off flies or torture small furry animals,or abuse children or beat up old ladies, what a horrible unholy alliance this group is, living off their own self satisfaction and ignorance.
This is the down-side of facebook, when it allows the cruel and ill educated to meet and share their evil thoughts.

Barbara avatar


  1. Every “declawing is ONLY cruel” comment here has given me a great laugh. You all assume from your own opinion based on what you’ve see that declawing is “cruel” yet you fail to acknowledge any benefits whatsoever even if they are minor. The sheer negativity on this subject makes me sick to the stomach. EVERYTHING has pros and cons. Saying that there are no pros to declawing is a huge lie. It only proves that said bias people write comments to share their “wisdom” (stupidity) on the subject even if they know little to nothing whatsoever.

    • You obviously completely missed the point that declawing for non-therapeutic purposes has no pros for the cat. It is all cons. It is the mutilation of a cat at the convenience of the cat’s owner, no more and no less. That must be immoral and there’s no way you can argue against that point. Your mind is clearly completely closed to the possibility that declawing can be immoral and unethical. But as stated it must be when it is done for the convenience of the cat’s owner. It is not a question of being biased but a question of being open-minded and enlightened. It is not a question of wisdom but of common sense. To say that people who are against declawing know nothing whatsoever is obviously completely idiotic. The truth is that if you believe that declawing is alright to simply stop a cat scratching furniture then I have to say with complete honesty and candour that you are behaving in an immoral way.

    • Xander, are you aware that apart from in the U.S., Canada and some Middle Eastern states, vets in almost all other countries refuse to declaw because they do consider the procedure cruel and unnecessary?

      In fact, it was their refusal to even offer the procedure to clients which was the basis for most governments worldwide banning the procedure.

      The simple truth is that declawing is very financially lucrative for vets and that’s a strong incentive for them to continue offering a surgery which benefits only the owner (in terms of convenience) and the vet’s bank account.

  2. I swore I would never declaw another cat having declawed two. But when my Son died and I brought his two cats home I was not prepared. Three leather couches later I decided Barney had to be declawed. Keep in mind people this cat would have been dead..I did not choose him…I saved him

    • It’s sad you made it declaw or death, poor Barney, he was deliberately crippled for being a cat and doing what cats do.
      I hope you will watch him carefully for the physical and/or mental consequences of having his toe ends amputated.
      No point in saying any more because it’s too late but my heart aches for him, bereaved then mutilated for the sake of inanimate, replaceable furniture.
      You may have saved his life but at what great cost to him.

    • You swore never to declaw another cat, so you obviously know the devastating truth of declawing, but then under a bit of pressure from your couches you forgot your principles and had Barney’s toe ends amputated, so much for your oath. I’m extremely sorry for your bereavement but I am also extremely sorry for Barney who lost his home and now as a condition of living in your home has lost his toe ends, you could have better saved him by finding him a safe loving home where he wouldn’t have been subject to horrific surgery, that would have been kinder.

    • You did the right thing, even though people here will blast you for it. A cat values it’s life more than it’s claws. My cats are declawed, and absolutely nothing ill has come of it. You saved Barney’s life, just as I saved the lives of my cats. I’d make the same decision all over again, and I don’t feel the least bit bad.

      • Thanks for commenting even though I disagree with you. Declawing is obviously immoral. If you don’t realise that I feel sorry for you and the cats you had declawed.

        • My cats are the very last critters you should feel sorry for. They’re happy and content, comfortable and pampered, and are expected to live long, healthy lives. If you ever met them, you wouldn’t have the faintest clue that they were declawed, unless you asked, or actually looked for yourself. The ‘horrors’ of declawing are terribly, even laughably, exaggerated.

          • One can often tell just by looking, that a cat has been declawed. Their toes lack “plumpness” due to the loss of bone….not dissimilar to how people look without teeth and their lips lose their natural shape.


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