The Declawing of Dr D. Claws

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

This article and poster were inspired by Dee who commented on the post: Declaw Bouquets and Brickbats for Veterinarians.

‘Could we see a hatchet instead of a brick? Easier to cut off fingers at the first knuckle’

It made me laugh and then imagine how good it would be if declawing vets could have a taste of their own medicine from cats.

cats definger a veterinarian
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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So, just suppose cats were as large as humans and humans were as small as cats! Suppose cats had the power to definger the humans who definger them!

I was very tempted to design a declawing vet having his finger ends chopped off by a cat with a hatchet, just for Dee, but cats wouldn’t be so cruel.

They would anesthetise their patient before cutting off his finger ends with a bone cutter, or a resco clipper, or by burning them off with a laser. That’s what declaw vets do.

But here’s the difference, a human can be told what his surgery entails and he is asked for his consent. Cats don’t know what is going to happen to them, they are left at the clinic to face being handled by strangers who cause them fear and pain and shock.

Some of those strangers even charge extra for pain medication after the surgery? Would cats do that? I don’t think so, because cats are not money hungry unfeeling creatures like some vets are.

But the cats in the poster are giving Dr D. Claws no choice to consent and they are charging extra because one of their friends was mutilated by that vet and they want revenge.

In real life of course cats don’t seek revenge, well they can’t can they, they have to accept their fate. Declawed cats have to live with the effects of their ten amputations whether they like it or not.

They have to walk on their severed finger ends immediately they are up and about after their surgery……… and for the rest of their lives.

At least Dr D. Claws won’t have to do that.

16 thoughts on “The Declawing of Dr D. Claws”

  1. Another great poster, Ruth! It’s wonderful to see that you’re still making them! I agree, cats wouldn’t be so cruel as to do something so barbaric and abhorrent. But it certainly offers some perspective; imagine if cats and humans swapped places, and it was considered common practice for humans to be ‘defingered’ in order to prevent us from harming our cats. Food for thought, indeed!

    • Ruth will fight against declawing to her last breath or when it is banned. I know I certainly will. I will never stop nor will PoC stop criticising it. Hope you are OK Maggie. When are you going to write an article about the cats of Tasmania?

  2. FANTASTIC the stuff of dreams come true seeing a declaw doctor about to get his karma…how I wish it could come true for ALL vets who do this cruel thing

  3. Well sis you’ve done it again, what a vivid imagination you have and what a brilliant poster, it’s a dream come true for those of us who abhor declawing and everyone who is willing to do it for profit. I hope Dr D Claws gets every complication know to cat, I hope he can’t manage on his lavatory with his stumps and his wife kicks him out of the house for being dirty, I hope he gets pain and disfigurement in his joints, and I hope he feels all out of sorts and disagreeable with the world in general due to the discomfort in his stumps. If I lived in the US of a near a practice that performs this mutilation for profit I would print off copies of this poster and paste them on the windows of the surgery overnight and pop a copy through the letterbox for good measure. I’m awarding you a cyber bouquet for brilliance.

      • This is a great poster Ruth.

        Young cats and kittens are amazing, they are so pure in their curiosity and they are so loving and above all – you can earn a kitten’s trust and it will come up to you and play with you and sleep on you – and you give it food and shelter. There is an unseen deal here.

        To take your sweet kitten into this experience (well described by Ruth) of strangeness and the unknown and subject it to the experience of declawing – of waking up like that – disabled, technically speaking – is horrible.

        For me it’s that very trust and love that you earn and share with a cat that makes me feel honoured and like I must be doing something right. To break that trust, to make a complete mockery of nature is a horrible betrayal of nature and the animal who trusts, god forbid, loves you.
        It destroys the love, innocence and care and all the basic intuitions and emotions we are born with and it’s tragic for the kitten who must live his/her entire life with this betrayal.

    • Like one mind, Babz!
      Never fear that this poster and that horrible pic of dead shelter cats aren’t being distributed!

    Dr D. Claws may not have to walk on those bloody painful stumps, but he won’t be doing any more surgeries!

  5. These cats have come alive. I almost feel I know them. It is funny and sad, a poignant mix. Your posters are an integral part of PoC and I am very proud of that.

    It certainly makes the message loud and clear that declawing cats is frankly bizarre in the 21st century. It was bad enough in the last century but you would have hoped that the vets would have become more civilised by now.

    Thanks Ruth for another great poster.

    • Thanks Michael and for allowing so many of my posters on PoC, I don’t think any other cat web site would have the courage to do that!
      I just hope pro declaws have the brains to see the message behind them.

      • One day, Ruth, and I hope it is in our lifetime, we will see the end of declawing and it’ll make me the happiest person.

        We have fought the battle. I am sure many American’s hate it. But it is a good battle. It is a just battle and it is the right thing to do.

        No other site does this. The other major cat sites don’t even mention declawing for fear of losing visitors. That tells you how ungenuine these sites are.

  6. Ruth again what a brilliant poster! I love the way you’ve depicted the vet!

    De-clawing is done by un-feeling people both vets and so-called ‘caretakers’ alike who give absolutely no thought to how the poor cat feels. What I find even worse is that pain medication is also elective!! Vets should not do the surgery at all but as we all know until this is banned so they should be made to provide pain medication until the cat starts to heal as part of the package – no extensive pain medication then no procedure!!! Its horrific beyond belief to think that knowing what they do (and oh yes they do know!!) they send a cat home with no pain meds and then the stupid selfish idiot who had this done is probably wondering why their cat huddles up in a corner scared and in agony.

    I would love to inflict pain on some of these vets and then say ‘sorry no pain medication for you, get on with it and see what it feels like to have no choice and then no pain refief’

    I hate everything that falls under the whole evil concept that is de-clawing but most of all I hate the perpetrators that know better I would to cut a toe of theirs off one at at time until they vow to stop breaking their oath to harm no animal.

    Thanks again Ruth for your relentless determination to bring this to the attention of as many people as you can with yet another brilliantly illustrated informative article.

    • Thanks Leah, yes bad enough these butchers amputate cats healthy toe ends but to charge extra for pain relief is absolutely dreadful, it shows how cold hearted they are that they will let cats suffer pain after they’ve mutilated them.
      I’d love to really see declaw vets in Dr D Claws position, their finger ends are very important to them just like cats toe ends are, so see how they would like it.


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