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The disconnect between veterinary governing bodies and the public — 5 Comments

  1. I agree with you completely, Michael. These veterinarians abusing animals are criminal.This would be inhumane behavior from a “lay person.” A veterinarian has taken an oath to lessen the suffering of animals, not to cause further pain and harm. The veterinary governing bodies need to take a step forward in ensuring that all animal patients are treated with kindness and respect.

  2. I wish I could say things were getting better, but they aren’t. It was the same way in the 70’s, when I first got into the field, and it is the same way now. I wish we could take the various boards and do to them what has been done to helpless animals. But until the public gets together and boycotts the bad ones and kick up a helluva fuss-it won’t change. The same thing happens in the human field.

  3. Very well put Michael. I was an active complainant on the Lindsey case, and though I could go on for days about her (and her attorney’s), the sheriffs’ and D.A.’s arrogance, you summed it up. These examples of how bad the government is need to be preserved in our minds, and like you, we all need to keep discussing them to that end and toward getting better officials elected and appointed. As you and I have said elsewhere, laws are on the books, but oftentimes they aren’t enforced. People, remember too that these two examples aren’t anomalies, they just happen to have been two that we, as caring citizens, chose to shine a light on and felt at least they should be punished. They didn’t and it sent the wrong message that we feared; this one.

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