4 thoughts on “The Domestic Cat in Slow Motion is Beautiful”

  1. Recently I’ve watched my cat stalking birds in the late afternoon. I wished I’d had my camera, to catch her stealthy slow movement, even slower than slow motion. The most beautiful part was the sun highlighting her long fur, and muscle movement. She never catches the birds, but it’s fun to try.

    She also chases butterflies, and pounced on one that had landed on a dandelion. It flew off, and she ended up holding the flower in her paws. It was so cute, but again I didn’t have my camera!

    Michael, let’s see some videos of Gabriel in motion.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks, Michael!

    I might be able to entice Samirah to get up and move like that, but she’s an old girl and likes to conserve her strength. She’s more of a poser.


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