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The Domestic Cat’s Cry for Help — 2 Comments

  1. Hello again Michael_ these signs of stress are pertinent ones because we all need to pay closer attention to our cats behaviors. One example , If your cat is happy and lives in a peaceful environment , but out of the blue and for no obvious reason you can see, acts differently and displays repetitive gestures and sounds to get your attention then they may need medical attention.
    Naturally, if you have a strong bond with them then your cat is pleading for you to help them. Cats view you as a parent & guardian.

    Back to stress involved with having multiple cats, they do form boundaries. My four Maine Coons certainly have theirs, but they are related and have been together since birth.
    Thank you Michael__for posting and please continue. You have helped us and our pets to have a better lives. Eva__

    • Thanks Eva. I agree that cat caretakers need to be observant and think about their cat’s behavior. People need to be switched on and not make presumptions.

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